Jamberry Newsletter for NOV

From The Desk of Lisa Eriksson

WELCOME 18 New Consultants!

Shannon B, Lisa P, Rita T, Tania T , Kelly T, Char S, Brooke T, Sandra B, Tiffany T, Corinne B, Denis S, Melissa M, Mackenzie J, Angela M, Kathryn F, Christa H, Tracea L, Monica D,

I'm so very excited that you have decided to join Jamberry as a Consultant! I think you will LOVE this opportunity to develop new skills, meet new people and make some $$!

We have a NEW On-Boarding Guide for our new consultants and I would love for you to use it in the next few weeks to orient yourself to Jamberry. Below is the access information to use this guide.

New Consultant On Boarding Guide
Access key: Jamily

Start with The welcome tab.. Go threw everything, Write down your questions! I know it is a lot of information..Take your time!!

Please let me know if I can help you in any way! I am fully committed to helping you achieve whatever goals you want to aim for!

Lisa Eriksson

PS..PLEASE Add me as a friend on Facebook Lisa Stardig Eriksson ..I would like to add you to the team page!



1.Amy Adams $3067.00

2. Jessica Stirling $2453.00

3. Danielle Hegedus $2019.00

4. Bethany Newman $1773.00

5. Rena Taley $1768.00

Top Team Builders

1. Bethany Newman 4

With 2 each~

Jessica Sterling

LaToya Rodriguez

Amy Adams

Danielle Hegedus

Lisa Eriksson's Stats

prv $3022.00 4 new recruits


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RACE TO PRV! This is on our team page!!

CLUB ACTIVE ...Be active (sell $200) by Dec 10th (pushing deadline a little earlier.... For your good, that's the deadline to order to receive items for Christmas) and be entered to win a $25 gift certificate! BOOK PARTIES AND GET THEM ROLLING NOW!!

I'm YOUR Team Manager!

For those of you who are wondering who is LISA LOL..I'm your Team manager!

we have had some roll ups and changes..When you look in the back office you will now see my name as your TM..If you were on a team that has rolled up to me! ~ I'm here to help you! My number is 763-856-5079 wraps2you@aol.com


I love to stay connected with the team.PLEASE MAKE SURE>.You and your team are on the team Facebook page..

Who is ready to rock December! Start the month with positive self talk that this will be a month to remember!! Run for your goals and let's do this!! Tell me, what's your goal? send me a e-mail