Who Is Jarrett

By:Jarrett Blair


Jarrett was born in Houston but since his parents where in the military they moved to Corpus Christi when he was about one. They then moved to New Orleans when he was about three. At the age of sixteen Jarrett then moved back to Houston.

About Jarrett

I plan on going to college to study to be a veterinarian at Southern University. I am also going to join the Navy. I am going to break up my college to two years and join the Navy for at least twelve years and go back to college for another six years. I will never change what I wanna become in life. I love to cook and eat seafood. I am athletic and like to play basketball. Since I like sports I am also very competitive. I am also layed back but when I have to get the job done, I get in a working zone.


Hard work always pays off