My Top 5 Pokemon

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5# Grovyle

Grovyle is #5 on my list is because he is one of the first stater Pokemon. Even though he is not 2 types of Pokemon he is still an outstanding grass type that I have liked since I played as his first evolution then seeing his last evolution and thinking he is amazing. This is how Grovyle got to #5 on my list
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#4 Swampert

Swampert is #4 on my list because he is not only one of the first starters he is also two types both water and ground. Swampert being 2 types makes him super effective on not only fire,ground, and rock but also fire,electric,poison,rock, and steel. This is how Swampert the evolution of Marshstomp got to #4 on my list.
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#3 Goudon

Groudon is #3 on my list beacause he is a fire and ground legendary(my favorite Pokemon types) so he is powerful and effective on many types. Groudon now with Primal version is more powerful than ever which is why you have to stop him because he has enough power to destroy both the human and Pokemon race.This is why this powerful pokemon got #3 on my list.
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#2 Blaziken

Blaziken i #2 on my list because yet again he is also one of the first starter in the Pokemon series. So like Swampert, Blaziken also has 2 types them being fire and fighting. Blaziken I just think in all is a cool and powerful character. Yet he is not my #1
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#1 Lucario

Lucario is #1 on my list for many reasons. Lucario is #1 not only the fact that he looks cool he is also good against ice,rock,fairy,normal,dark, and steel. Lucario has always been my favorite Pokemon and I am always trying to find a way to get him in any ways so when X and Y came out I was playing and almost died in excitment from getting a Lucario and his Mega Stone for battling. This is why Lucario is #1 on my list anyday.