Technology in the Classroom at BMS

Great Ideas from your ITRT - Heidi Overfelt

The Bedford County ITRT's have written their own ibook -

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We noticed that new teachers coming into the county needed a self-help guide to the technology available to them in Bedford County.

Veteran teachers often needed a refresher to the technology available to them.

So the ITRTs have put together an interactive iBook showcasing basic technology information available to teachers to use in their classroom. The book also answers questions frequently asked by Bedford County teachers.

This book is available to all teachers and is loaded onto BMS ipads 1-10 for teachers to check out and read.

Here is a listing of the chapter headings that you can look forward to:

1. How can my ITRT help me?

2. What Technology Equipment is available for checkout from the county?

3. WebMail Pro

How to navigate your email account!

4. Google Apps for Education

5. How to Add a Printer to your Computer

6. Online Pacing Guide Information

7. What are the V & X Drives?

...and do you use them for?

8. How to export your class lists from Power Teacher

... for importing into CPS, ExamView and other programs

9. Connect a Mobi to your Computer

10 & 11. Smart Board help and ideas

12. BCPS Help Desk

Where you go to get online help!

13. BCPS ITRT Blog - Tech Rocks!

If you want to read this book

contact Roberta in the library to reserve one of the ipads 1-10.

If you want a copy of this book of your own for your ipad,

go to the QR code on the right and download your own copy onto your ipad. If you need help with this, send me an email!

If you need any more help or information, make sure to email me at anytime!