February 17, 2016

Greetings Parents,

We are at our 6th week in the second semester for this school year! Amazing. Please review your child's grades online by logging onto the Parent Portal or your child's eClass page. Once you have checked your child's grades, then please complete the Progress Report sign-off indicating you have seen the grades. The progress report sign-off link is provided below. If you have multiple children at Bay Creek, then complete this process for each child.

If you have any questions about a grade or assignment, then please contact the teacher who issued the grade. The form will close on Tuesday, February 23, at midnight. Important note, if your unable to click on the link, remember to view in your browser for images to display correctly.

Thank you.

CLICK HERE TO ACCESS Progress Report Sign Off Form

You must have a parent portal account already setup to access grades on the parent portal. Otherwise, view grades on your child's eClass page.

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