By: Louis Sachar

The Plot

Holes is about a boy named Stanley Yelnats who was accused of stealing a pair of expensive shoes. He had to chose between Jail or camp Green Lake. He chose camp Green Lake for 18 months. He soon realizes that Jail wouldn't be so bad. Stanley Yelnats great, great grandfather was robbed back in the 1800s and all of his treasures were buried in the desert. He was robbed because the family has a curse on them. Stanley remembers the story that his grandfather use to tell him. Will he find the lost treasure? Read "Holes" to find out.

Holes trailer

The Main Charactors

Guaranteed to be the best adventure book you have read.


The setting of holes occurs in Camp Green Lake. That is a camp where kids who get in trouble with the law have a choice to go to instead of going to a juvenile detention center. Camp Green Lake is in a desert in the middle of nowhere. The year is between 1998-2000. The reason that it is that long is because Stanley goes through a lot in the book and it took a long time for the judge to see him.