Team Gus Newsletter

Jan 23, 2017

Thursday Folder Updates

Hello Families!

In last week's survey, most parents said they preferred email communication from teachers, so I will try to start sending out my weekly communication this way instead. I will not send a weekly report note about your child unless you request for me to send one or if there is something specific I'd like to share with you. Any papers that need to come home will still be sent on Thursdays, so please check your child's backpack at some point. Please reach out to me if you need anything!


Ms. Gus

Dates and Reminders

- No School 1/23 or 1/24

- First payment of $15 for the Mountain Field Trip was due last Friday if you chose the payment plan. If you plan to pay in full, that is due by March 15.

- Report Cards come home Monday, January 30th

What's Going on in Class

Reading: We have finished a unit about immigration and will begin our unit of Slavery and the Underground Railroad this week. Ask your child to tell you about the Moravians, Scots-Irish, and Quakers that came to NC. Also ask them about the Ellis Island activity they did in the library.

Math: We have begun a unit on multiplication. You may notice that multiplication looks different than when we were kids! If your child needs help on homework, please tell them to ask me for help in class (instead of teaching them the "old school" way). They will learn the standard way in 5th grade when they are ready to learn it. If you are curious about how to multiple the "new school" way, watch this video :) We have also been working on a miniature dollhouse as part of a math project on area and perimeter. The students will begin calculating the area of their furniture this week, and they will make the furniture next week. If you have any little craft supplies that would make good furniture (or items we can re-purpose: match boxes, bottle caps, dental floss containers, etc.) please send them in next week.

Science: We are working on a unit about rocks and minerals. Ask your child to show you the hand motions for: magma, lava, intrusive, extrusive, weathering, and erosion.

Social Studies: We just wrapped a government unit. I have never seen a class so excited about the 3 branches of government! We will have another afternoon for a second mock trial (since Goldilocks was found innocent in our first trial, and the kids were quite upset... next up, we will be taking the Onceler to court for destroying the environment in the Lorax).

Writing: The students are writing their own "ehow" sites to teach people how to test a mineral for streak, luster, color, and hardness. They can show them to you on Google Docs if they have access at home.