The Other America

National Housing Act

Many African Americans, native Americans, and Latinos had to live in dirty areas of the city, and eventually some one created a solution to their housing issue. In 1949, The National Housing Act was passed to allow many American families to have decent homes to live in for a cheap price. Although this act required many run down neighborhoods to be torn down for new building to occur, this act changed many American lives, as many families were now housed and safer than they were before.

Interstate Highway Act

During and around the time periods of the Cold War, the government began creating highway and interstate systems all over the U.S.. After more vehicles were being purchased, more roads needed to be constructed to allow people to quickly travel between popular cities and still connects to schools and stores. This act began the creation of a nationwide highway, resulting with a 41,000 mile highway. The new highways and roads being built affected everyone in America during this time period, allowing them to get to their destination in a shorter period of time, and the majority of these roads are still in use today.