Hello 2014

What a YEAR!

WOW! You girls BLOW MY MIND! Together we sold $1,723,878 of Stella & Dot. Think about this way....

That's 71,000 Nancy Studs
That's 29,218 Sommerville Necklaces
That's 12,491 Getaway Bags
That's 8,706 Pegasus Necklaces

It's a LOT of style! And it didn't happen at one trunk show.....it happened a little bit each and every day. You booked shows, you shared the style, you had a LOT of fun and you invited others to be part of this fabulous company we call Stella & Dot.

I LOVE being a Stella & Dot Stylist. I literally get GIDDY thinking about the new line that is going to launch in a week. YIPPPPEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! It's so fun to style the new jewelry, to book trunk shows and share Spring Style with other women. This really is the MOST FUN JOB I've ever had! And what is great about it.....it works for ANYONE! It's fun to dabble in or to make a career out of....and that is YOUR choice. It's Style YOUR Life.

So as you reflect on 2013 and set your 2014 goals and aspirations.....think about the picture YOU want to paint this year
. Your life & happiness is 20% what happens to you and 80% how you choose to live it. There is always going to be hiccups and glitches along the way - but are you going to remove those obstacles, figure out how to work around them and LIVE YOUR BEST LIFE or are you going to make excuses on why it's not going to happen this year.

Now is your chance to think about what you REALLY want 2014 to look like. I'm not big on New Years Resolutions. Instead I think about areas of my life that I really like and feel great about - and resolve to make the even better by pouring love, attention, time and energy into them. And then I think about some areas of my life that need a bit of a make-over and I start thinking about how I can change them for the better.

My Stella & Dot goal is always the same. Help other women style their life. Whether that is through a new necklace, a new hobby or the vision of more freedom and flexibility. I'm committed to that. For me it's never about a personal promotion - my business grows when you grow. This is style YOUR life. I'm committed to that. I'm committed to YOU and your goals. I want this business to be your happy spot in life. So let me know what I can do to make you more successful.

Thank YOU all for being YOU.
You inspire me.
You drive me.
You make me smile.
You provide me JOY.

Here's to a great 2014 and our most FABULOUS year EVER!

Celebrating BIG TIME Promotions!!!

Holiday Recognition!

November Top In Sales

Brigid Reisch $ 15,630

Tara Renze $ 8,704

Leah Hermesch $ 7,571

Leslie Reardon $ 7,439

Adrienne Ayala $ 7,138

Elizabeth Krull $ 6,801

Christina Kamberis $ 6,261

Brooke Crosby $ 6,065

Kristy Pauly $ 5,877

Brandi Browning $ 5,703

Miriam Zavagnin $ 5,481

Arica Westmeyer $ 5,458

Jean Sweet $ 5,187

Morgan Bell $ 4,540

Billie Conger $ 4,399

Courtney Chroeung $ 4,088

Melissa Jantzen $ 3,913

Kimberly Valdivia $ 3,875

Magdalena Lopez $ 3,736

Katie Barry $ 3,553

Jennifer Salmans $ 3,548

Angela Clifton $ 3,488

Hilary Nauholz $ 3,296

Michelle Penner $ 3,134

Lindsay Weneck $ 3,047

Anne Walton $ 2,936

Ashley Jones $ 2,857

Jeanne Polhemus $ 2,721

Kristen Fine $ 2,712

Elizabeth Tridle $ 2,705

Laine Vitosh $ 2,704

Leslie Staver $ 2,623

Sara Young $ 2,499

Gena Morgan $ 2,487

Denise Guttery $ 2,385

Ashley Brown $ 2,335

Melissa Sandmann $ 2,326

December Top in Sales

Kristy Pauly $ 8,021

Leah Hermesch $ 7,950

Leslie Reardon $ 6,003

Brigid Reisch $ 5,327

Anne Walton $ 4,498

Tara Renze $ 3,959

Elizabeth Krull $ 3,948

Brandi Browning $ 3,731

Andrea Seeman $ 3,356

Adrienne Ayala $ 3,352

Brooke Crosby $ 3,074

Leslie Staver $ 2,954

Ashley Brown $ 2,876

Jeanette Scott $ 2,659

Jody Price $ 2,587

Miriam Zavagnin $ 2,564

Angela Clifton $ 2,369

Hilary Nauholz $ 2,351

Kristen Fine $ 2,336

Jennifer Salmans $ 2,324

Jennifer Hinson $ 2,317


Level 5 ~ Hello Mini Ipad!

Tara Renze

Brigid Reisch

Kristy Pauly

Leah Hermesch

Level 4

Christina Kamberis

Elizabeth Krull

Miriam Zavagnin

Leslie Reardon

Level 3

Adrienne Ayala

Ashley Jones

Brandi Browning

Hilary Nauholz

Andrea Seeman

Kimberly Valdivia

Anne Walton

Elizabeth Tridle

Jennifer Salmans

Morgan Bell

Jean Sweet

Brooke Crosby

Kristen Fine

Magdalena Lopez

Leslie Staver

Melissa Sandmann

Level 2

Angela Clifton

Jeanette Scott

Melissa Jantzen

Katie Barry

Ashley Brown

Arica Westmeyer

Courtney Chroeung

Jill Kuckelman

Billie Conger

My 2014....It's going to be a WILD Ride! CHANGE is good!

Most of you know that I quit my corporate job to stay at home with the boys when they were babies. I found Stella & Dot and it saved my life. I LOVED my corporate job. Stella & Dot filled a very big void for me and allowed me to be home with my baby boys. I'm so blessed and thankful for all the memories and experiences I've had with my sweet boys. I'm not a stay at home mom type - so Stella & Dot was CRUCIAL to my happiness. I needed something to put my career energy and ambitions in. AND what this business has become is more than I ever expected. I found all of you! I LOVE being a Stella & Dot Stylist!

I always knew I made the right decision to stay home with the boys. It was right for them and for Scott.....but I've sometimes questioned if it was right for me. So....I've got some big and EXCITING news!

Now that the boys are in school I've decided to take on another job in ADDITION to Stella & Dot. (I LOVE being a leader and a stylist ..... and that won't change! EVER!) I've got more time on my hands now....and I miss working a corporate job. AND....I'm just the type of person who is most effective and happy when I'm VERY busy. I was approached by some of my old colleagues with an opportunity I just COULDN'T resist. And it's a perfect combo as it's FLEXIBLE!

Starting in January I will be a Senior Director with Stella & Dot AND an Account Executive with Simply Hired. My new job is a work from home, flexible, no travel position. It's very similar to what I did before - so I'll be calling on a lot of my old clients. The learning curve is minimal since I worked the industry for years and it's only one product we're selling.

The best part - I was very upfront about my priorities:
1. Be able to take boys to school and be home when they get off the bus.
2. FLEXIBILITY if someone is sick, schools is out, summer activities, etc
3. Be able to keep my Stella & Dot business running successfully at same time.

The answer was YES to everything! I am very excited and a little anxious.It's going to be a year of VERY hard work. But it's going to be a year of perspective - I know I'll learn a lot about myself.

Nothing will change with Stella & Dot. I've hired Adrienne Ayala to be my assistant - she's going to help me with the ins and outs of the administrative side of the business. You'll still find me at a trunk show every Thursday night....and you'll still find me saying "you should DO THIS!" to any and every woman I think would make a chic stylist. And I've hired an assistant to help me with household stuff (so excited to outsource laundry in 2014! ;)

And I've learned from all of you - that success looks different for everyone at Stella & dot. Stella & Dot is flexible and a business ANYONE on ANY schedule can work successfully. I love that about this business. We truly get to STYLE OUR LIFE!

2014 is going to be a WILD Ride! So glad to be on it with all of YOU!

PS. Feel free to email any questions to tararenze@gmail.com