Google Docs

Sites, Email, Sharing documents for collaboration


Sites are like websites! (As you can see the word site is in website.) Google sites is something that you can go to and make your own site! You can add anything that you want to talk about! Like a topic or something related to that! You can use google sites for an informational site! Maybe, even a site to persuade or just to entertain!


An email is an electronic way to message others! If you have an email, if you've ever pressed reply to all, what happens? It really is self explanatory, but you've just replied to all of your friends on your email! If you only press reply then you just send an instant message to one person! Just remember to be safe online and on instant messaging sites!

Sharing Documents For Collaboration

Sharing documents for collaboration is when you share a document to your friends or to teachers to collaborate or when you need to work on or create something for a project. To share a photo or a project you simply just press the share button and put the person's name you want to send the project to!