U.S. entry into The Great War

The reasons & causes of U.S intervention into World War 1.

Woodrow Wilson

  • "He kept us out of war"
  • Won election of 1916
  • President during World War One

German U-Boats

  • New Technology
  • Submarines equipped with Torpedoes
  • Responsible for the sinking of 5000 ships

Zimmerman Telegram

  • Sent from Germany to Mexico
  • Offers Mexico the return of its land after a German Victory
  • Tries to create an alliance with Mexico
  • Published a year later
  • Angered Americans


  • English Passenger ship
  • Sunk by German U-Boats May 7th, 1915
  • 200 American killed
  • Caused the Sussex Pledge

Make the World Safe for Democracy

  • Quote by Woodrow Wilson
  • Used in his Declaration of War speech
  • Reason for entrance to the War