Oil Spills

Human Dependence Project

2 Main issues with OIL SPILLS

1.)The 2 main issues caused by oil spills are -

1.The damage it does to the aquatic ocean and wildlife.

2.Animals die because of the odor and how it kills their environment.

2.)Negative effects are-

-The water gets black and sticky.

- A lot of dead animals.

- Environment destroyed.

4.)What wildlife is most affected by oil spills?

-The most animals that are affected by oil spills are in the marine environment.

5.) How are the wildlife affected by oil spills?

-The oil spills affect the wildlife's environment and it destroys more the marine animals because they cant find food.

6.) Does oil spills affect League City, if not then could it affect it?

- It effects most of the part of League city but not all of it.

7.)Are people affect by oil spills?

- Most of people are affected but there no effected like animals are.

8.)Who or What causes the oil spill to occur?



http://ocean.nationalgeographic.com/ocean/ - information

http://blogs.ntu.edu.sg/hp331-2014-26/files/2014/11/otter-oil-spill.jpg- picture of animals

3.)Solution to the oil spill problem

a solution to oil spills is to cut off immediatly cut off the flow of oil as soon as possible to prevent oil spills or we can help on cleaning the beach for the animlas and we can boycott any company that are the main cause for the spills.

Oil spills main regions

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