Pyrenees Mountains

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The Pyrenees Mountains are located in Europe.
The Pyrenees Mountains goes through Spain and France.
It creates the border of Spain's and Frances.


At the Pyrenees Mountains highest point it is approximately 3404 m.

The Pyrenees Mountains are 491 km long.

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Physical Characteristics

Some of the many animals that live in the Pyrenees Mountains are the Griffon Vulture ,Grass Snake ,Lammergeier ,Mamrot ,Bear ,Mountain Goat, and the Sheep.

The climate in the winter it is usually 9 degrees C ,in the spring it is usually 18 degrees C, and in the summer it is usually 25 degrees C.

In the Pyrenees Mountains there are 3500 plants. But only 200 of these plants are endemic.

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Human Characteristics

There are many man made feature like houses, building , churches , roads, bridges, railroad tracks, and a tunnel.

The top 5 languages spoken in the Pyrenees Mountains are French, Basque, Aragonese, Catalan, and Occitan.

An ethnic group in the Pyrenees Mountains is the Basque religion and the Andorra religion.these are only some of the religions in the Pyrenees Mountains.

In the French half of the Pyrenees Mountains it is a Constitutional Republic and in the part that Spain has it is a Constitutional Monarchy. The small country of Andorra is found between the French and Spanish sections.

Tourism is a prosperous industry in the Pyrenees Mountains. Millions of tourists visit ski resorts in the mountains every year. Ore mines were important in the past but are no longer a big part of the economy.

Because of the mountainous landscape there are not any large cities in the Pyrenees Mountains. The entire population of Andorra is about 80,000. There are many small towns and villages spread out throughout the mountain valleys.