Carry Nation

Carry Amelia Moore Nation

Personal Information

Birth Date: November 25, 1846
Death Date: June 09, 1911

Job Objective

  • Yearns to enforce the age of alcohol consumption law.
  • Seeks to punish those who disobey said law.
  • Aims to ban all use of tobacco and cigarettes.

Employment History

  • Educated for a school in Kentucky.
  • Collaborated with members of the Women's Christian Temperance Union in 1890.


  • Survived forest fire in 1889.
  • Toured Great Britain.
  • Wrote an autobiography in 1904.
  • Has hosted many public speeches throughout lifetime.
  • Increased chances for two amendments to be passed:
    -18th Amendment: Prohibited sale of alcohol to minors.
    -19th Amendment: Allowed women to vote.


  • Ladies a the W.C.T.U. approved and believed in my work.
  • Teachers at the school Garrard County, Kentucky knew of my beliefs and accepted them.