Fresh Water

In Canada

Where Do We Find Fresh Water?

Fresh water in Canada is found mainly in the Great Lakes. They are also found in lakes, rivers, wetlands and bays all over Canada, in the landform region of St. Lawrence Lowlands and the Canadian Shield.

Where Do We Export Fresh Water?

Majority of the (fresh)water, is exported to America, since the US has always been interested in our exports. The fact that Canada is the largest owner of fresh water resources, means that it does still export the water world-wide.

Is Fresh Water Renewable or Non-Renewable?

Fresh water is known to be a renewable resource. Yet because of certain factors it can also be considered non-renewable, some areas are too dry; water is then non-renewable. It depends on the location, whether it's climate allows precipitation, how much and how often it does. One thing that should be taken into consideration is, that water cannot be destroyed, but may be held in a combination of chemicals making it unusable.

What is The Economic Value of Fresh Water?

The fresh water is considered more valuable than gold, especially in the third-world countires, but suprisingly in Canada as well. The business of fresh water has greatly contributed to Canada's economy - about $7.5 to $23 billion - annually. Although we have also invested about $26 billion in restoring the Great Lakes ecosystems, to ensure that our freshwater systems continue to thrive. Canada has recieved economic benefits (in excess) of $50 billion. It's predicted that the revenues of the world's water-related businesses will rise from $522 billion (in 2007) to almost $1 trillion by 2050.