The Loss of Millions of Innocents

By Jordan Jenkins

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When you picture Germany, what do you see? Of course one of the first things to pop into your head would be Adolf Hitler and his imperfectly perfect race, World War I, unfortunate discrimination of all who don't look "right" in the eyes of the Nazi ruler. But what you don't picture is what nobody sees or acknowledges. Germany may seem like a wonderful country with a strong ruler who strongly believes in what he preaches, but what is your country hiding from you? What is it they don't want you to see?

Surely you've noticed the recent decline in people around you, you may have even watched those who "disappeared" be taken away by train. These people were your friends, neighbors, the owners of your favorite family owned businesses. These people were Jews, homosexuals, mentally and physically disabled. They were taken away from their homes. All of these men, women, and children were sent away to ghettos, then to death camps, where some were put to death immediately and the rest were forced to do hard work.

Germany had just come out of a war and things seemed to be going back to "normal". People went back to their old ways only to be ripped from it a few years later when Hitler decided it was time to get rid of the inferior races.

Millions disappeared, most put to death until other countries finally stepped in. Some were saved. Most were not. The ones who perished in camps such as Auschwitz, Birkenau, Buchenwald, and Warsaw, were burned alive in crematoriums, suffocated in gas chambers, were shot and thrown into mass graves. Children were thrown into the air over fiery ditches and shot at. The ones saved were skeletons, nothing but skin and bones.

Your country, your ruler, allowed and encouraged this. Maybe some of you reading this now did as well. But can you imagine yourself in their shoes? Questioning what you did wrong? What was wrong with you? Those people didn't deserve the fate they were given, they didn't deserve to die.