What is it?, How can you prevent it?, and lots more

What is Cancer? And Some Facts on Diagnosis

The definition of cancer is a collection of related diseases. For every type of cancer, an abnormal mass of normal/abnormal cells begin to divide and can spread into other surrounding tissues. The abnormal mass of normal cells is a benign tumor, which can be easily removed and does not metastasize (spread to other tissues). A malignant tumor is an abnormal mass of abnormal cells that does metastasize and is not always removable/treatable.

Research and data shows that early stage diagnosed cancer is higher by 2.1% in females than males, or females realize that something is wrong with their body and go see a doctor before a male would. Males also have worse prognoses than females. This does not mean that males are always diagnosed with cancer in a late stage though. The percentage of cancers diagnosed in late stages for males and females are around the same. Female (40.9%) and male (41.0%).

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What are the Most Common Cancers in PA and the USA?

The most common cancers in Pennsylvania are prostate cancer, breast cancer, and lung/bronchus cancer. In the United States, prostate cancer, breast cancer, and lung/bronchus are also the most common cancers that are diagnosed.

Some of the Most Common and Most Known Causes of Cancer

  • smoking/ receiving second hand smoke

  • obesity

  • alcoholism

  • poor diet/no exercise routine

  • radiation

  • sun and UV exposure without sun screen

  • genetics passed on from parent to offspring can also just make an offspring prone to cancer, sadly

  • when cells grow and divide too often in a body area and the cells cannot perform apoptosis, AKA killing of a cell, a cancerous tumor forms

  • when people get organ transplants they take medicine that suppresses the immune system so the body doesn’t reject the organ, but this weakens the immune system so it does not destroy cancer cells or fight off diseases/infections that cause cancer

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Below Are Some Ways to Prevent Cancer (Precautions)

  • alcohol and tobacco caused cancers can be prevented completely. JUST DON'T USE IT! “In 2015, almost 171,000 of the estimated 589,430 cancer deaths in the US will be caused by tobacco smoking.”-American Cancer Society

  • obesity, poor nutrition, and unhealthy diet and exercise can be prevented as well. these cause cancer mostly in well developed and economically developed countries like the USA

  • 3 million skin cancers are diagnosed annually and most of them can be prevented by protecting our skin. WEAR SUNSCREEN!

  • certain cancers are related to infectious diseases (HIV, HPV, HBV, etc.) that can be prevented from protecting ourselves during sex, getting the required vaccinations throughout our lifetime, as well as changing behavioral actions

  • screening is said to prevent cervical and colorectal cancer because precancerous lesions can be removed. also, it can detect cancer early before any symptoms even occur

  • self breast exams and self testicular exams can also prevent cancer in here if any lumps or changes are found in the genitalia.

  • additives and preservatives in processed foods can cause cancer but that is not as high of a risk as the other preventative ways and cancer causers

Cancer Fast Fact

Researchers think that around three quarters of all cancers are caused because our DNA changes from the environment/interactions with the environment around us. This shows that we can prevent a lot of cancers just from our behavior and actions with the environment!
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