The Colony of Massachusetts

The City on the Hill

Our Founder

We were founded by John Winthrop, a wealthy Englishman who sailed with us across the Atlantic Ocean to where we are now. He was the leader in founding our town and our colony. He was a strong Puritan, and helped establish our Puritan churches. He became the governor of our great colony and has been an inspirational leader ever since.

Our People

We are Puritan's with a passion that came here to escape British persecution. We are warm and welcoming for all newcomers, and you will feel right at home. We are hardworking, loving people that will help you with your transitions to our town.

Our Economy

We assure you that you can find a supportive, fun job here in Massachusetts almost immediately. Massachusetts offers many ways to make a living, many of which are not found in any other colony! You can find a job in agriculture, overseas trade, shipbuilding, logging, or you can start your own shop in one of our many town centers. Whatever you choose, we are certain you will find your perfect job here in Massachusetts!

Our Massachusetts

We live in a temperate climate with fertile soil and long, lovely, sandy beaches! We are rich in timber for houses of all kinds, and have many perfect spots for ports. We have snowy winters, but with a good, working furnace (which can be found in the many blacksmith shops in town) you can turn a harsh winter into a fun, joyous event for your family!
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Our Religion

We are Puritans, and we strongly believe in God and our set of rules. Although we have a fair amount of rules, we are sure you will find a home with us and make many friends in our churches and religious meetings!

Our Government

We are a democracy based in town meetings in the center of our city. We have democratic elections, and honest and fair punishments for crimes (which is the lowest in the colonies). You will enjoy the freedoms of voting for your leaders, as well as other democratic freedoms.

Our Neighbors

There are several Native American tribes in the surrounding areas, such as the peaceful Wampanoag Indian Tribes, as well as other tribes. Every year, we celebrate our peace together with the feast of Thanksgiving, where we all get together for fun and food. They helped us survive the first year, and we have been glorious allies ever since!

Created by Sir Paul, Sir Zane, and Jacob Brass of Plymouth, MA.