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I’m here to answer the infamous Real Estate Question: HOW IS THAT CRAZY REAL ESTATE MARKET THESE DAYS?

Rather than tell you “It’s great” or worst... Say something like: “I am soooo busy!”

I would like to share some solid numbers and information that you may find interesting.

For Worcester County as of February 13, 2018 per MLSPIN Data:

Amongst single family homes: 633 homes have SOLD which is unchanged from data for previous year at 639.

There are 1964 Active Single family homes listed in the MLSPIN

763 of those listings have accepted contracts for sale and have not closed yet. That is 38% of the inventory!!!!!!!

We have an average Days to Offer at only 64.

What does this all mean for you? Well, the market is holding steady as of February 13, 2018 in comparison to 2017's February market.

With interest rates clearly on the rise we can predict a shift in the numbers moving into Spring and then again into the summer.

Remember, when the interest rates rise, buyers may lose some purchasing power. Buyers who have been looking for a home for a few months, due to the lower than average inventory, will become discouraged when the approval amounts decrease and sellers could feel that discouragement on any incoming offers.

See the video below with more information on Mortgage Industry News

7 Great Ideas to Manage Salt Damage to Your Home Landscape This Winter ~ Shane Ludden

In many instances deicing from winter snow storms have the most detrimental impact on your trees, lawns, and flower beds.

Here are 7 strategies to help reduce plant stress and injury from salts on the homes landscape:

  • Avoid using Sodium Chloride. This type of salt is the most harmful to lawns, trees and bushes
  • Consider using Calcium Chloride, Magnesium Chloride, Potassium Chloride or a blend of any of them. All these salts are much more friendly to your landscaping.
  • Reduce your salt application by mixing salt with sand or sawdust.
  • Use care when apply deicing salts to only the walkways and driveway. Do your best to AVOID applying to shrub beds, bushes and lawns.
  • When spring finally arrives, leaching the soil by heavily watering along walkways and driveways adjacent to any flowerbeds will help flush any salt away to assist them in growing healthy.
  • Consider using salt tolerant trees and shrubs along roadways and walkways to prevent accidental destruction over the winter months.
  • Lastly, use protective physical barriers such as burlap, plastic or wood to cover areas in advance if avoiding them is difficult.
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FEBRUARY'S DIY Project of the Month with Trish Kosiba

This time of year I always get in the mood to clean and organize everything inside the home so that when the weather breaks and its warm enough to work outside- I’m ready to go!

The few weeks prior to spring can be a challenge for everyone! The joy of the holidays have long past, the weather is still frightening, football is but a painful memory and Valentine’s Day has come and gone. So what’s a girl to do?

DIY DIY DIY DIY (Is everyone chanting with me?)

A fun DIY project that will help your kitchen pantry and open shelving look both beautiful and functional is to transfer all the food that will work into clear glass jars from their un-attractive boxes and bags.

Glass-ware, jars and re-purposed bottles are the perfect containers to store your dry goods. Everything is visible so it helps everyone to find items quickly. It’s a sanitary and healthier choice for your loved ones vs. the cardboard or plastic.

And who doesn’t have a thousand mason jars lying around these days, am I right?

If you choose to label your containers, the simplest choices are to use a label maker or stickers. Another great idea is to find sticker letters and etching cream to permanently label the jar. This is a bit more challenging as you will need to measure carefully and tape off areas that are to remain clear.

If etching is too time consuming or permanent for you, try paint pens. This is my favorite way to label glass, it’s quick and easy, they come in a variety of colors and can be removed with a magic sponge if need be.

Using glassware for storage containers has endless possibilities, be inspired and let your creativity guide you...

Happy DIY!


We are excited to be in business with Melissa as she will be a great addition to our team.

She has a combined passion for real estate, helping others, and problem solving making her great at being able to understand what buyers want and need in a home. Melissa enjoys meeting new people and chatting.

She enjoyes socializing with people as she was a bartender for many years. She also has a background in the healthcare industry and medical sales.

Melissa was born and raised in Worcester and is very familiar with the city and surrounding towns. She is a loving mom of 2 boys (currently ages 3 & 6).

Her favorite things to do in her spare time are practicing yoga, gardening, cooking and spending time with her boys.

One of her favorite places to get away is spending time at Moody Beach in Maine!

“I had always wanted to work in real estate but it wasn't until 2014 that I finally started my career. I enjoy learning new things and love expanding my knowledge by taking classes as often as I can.”

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Beating these WINTER BLUES ~ By Melissa O'Neil

For many of us who live in New England, this time of year has us feeling "blah", myself included.

I do love a good snowfall and how beautiful a tree lined street with a fresh coating of snow over everything looks.

I love watching my children frolicking peacefully outside in the snow (and by that I mean chasing each other, while screaming and whipping snowballs at each other's heads).

All said, I'm ready for Spring, anyone else?

We all have to find something to keep us sane. Whether it is our everyday stresses, being cooped up indoors with restless children, snow days, or just fed up with the freezing, it is so important to take care of ourselves; physically and mentally.

Hot Power Yoga is a practice which I try to incorporate into my life as often as possible. I love to practice year round, but there is something extra uplifting about entering a 99 degree room when it's frigid outside.

Hot Power Yoga Center at 1438 Grafton Street in Worcester is my go-to spot. Owner, Kristin Caforio Marengo and all of her instructors are truly amazing.

Each class delivers a powerful workout and a message throughout the class which then carries into your everyday life.

There are plenty of physical and mental benefits to practicing hot yoga. It is a way to detoxify, gain strength and flexibility, improve your posture and balance. It's a sense of clarity and peace when life around us can be so chaotic.

If you are looking for a way to beat your winter time blues, give it a whirl. Hot Power Yoga Center has won First place for the Best of Central Mass in 2016 and 2017, so I guess I'm not alone in thinking they are so awesome!

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