Rich Hill

The Riches Of Hills

Rich Hill Is About Three Boys and Their Lives.

Andrew, Harley, and Appachey are all kids who live in poverty that struggle to survive day to day. This film achieved it purpose by showing how they all have to deal with new sets of problems from day to day. Andrew had to deal with not having a lot of money and constantly moving from town to town. While Harley has anger problems and it does not help that his mother is in jail. Appachey is the youngest of the three he had to repeat the sixth grade.

Achieving The Purpose.

The film did a good job at follow each of the boys without interfering too much with theirs lives, like when Harley was walking through the school. It shows how Andrew moves through his life and tries to settle in even though his dad does odd jobs so he is constantly moving around. While it showed how Appachey wants to become an arts in China and uses skateboarding to try and get away from all his problems like school.

The Three Boys.


Honestly I did not care much for the film because there are plenty of people who go through these types of situations everyday. The documentary did not have any impact on my life mostly because of how the boys acted. One example of this is when Andrew was walking down a road and was drinking a monster energy drink with is $3-4 a can. So he complains about not having a lot of money, but wastes it on overly priced beverages this was one of the many things that made me not care as much about these boys.