Mrs. Baker's Class Newsletter

May 3,2018

What is going on?

Thank you so much for teacher appreciation! I really appreciate all the love! You are the most loving and generous class!

Please have our children wear their tie dye shirt on Wed for our field trip. Please remember their sack lunch and comfortable shoes.(3 ordered from the cafe) If it is sunny: put sunscreen on before school. We will be eating outside at San Gabriel Park in downtown Georgetown. I cannot wait to see the play!

Reading: We will be researching historical figures and national symbols. We will identify celebrations that represent American beliefs and principles that contribute to our national identity.

Writing: Students will write imaginative and persuasive drafts from multiple perspectives.

Spelling and Grammar:

away, done, funny, last, once, sister, took, under

In grammar we will learn about abbreviations.

Science: This week we are diving into the basic needs of plants. Our focus will be the function of each plant part and how small plants will grow up to look like their “parent” plant.

Math: Students will continue learning about financial literacy- saving, spending, and budgeting. We’ll read literature that supports our learning, play a budgeting game, and learn what it is to be a producer and a consumer.

This and That-


May 4: Last week for book checkout

May 9: Field Trip- We are going to the Georgetown Palace to see a musical called Wish!

May 14: All library books DUE

May 29: Last Student Day (*Note change* Due to Bad weather make up)

Have a good weekend!