Transportation of the 50's

The Years From Way Back When

Fast cars

I pick transportation throw the 50's because my grandpa owned a old Schwinn panther.The cars from the 50's changed history of the world. They were making new brake throws inventing new faster cars for the people. Making it to wear we can go any where in the world. The world was changing all the time. The fastest car back the could go 0 to 60 in 4.7 seconds now it half the time 2.2 seconds.


Back in the 50's they had every thing we had cars planes trucks buses. They had cars and we have cars. They had commercial airliners like we do today . They had cruising bikes to take a relaxing ride around town. They had phones to call people like you and me . Its all about the advancing technology from back then to now.


There's a lot of differences like the cars back in the 50's they didn't have seat belts. They weren't as fuel efficient as today's cars getting 40 mpg. The kids played outside a lot on there bicycles in stead of playing video. They had front lock tire to burn there tires off, and make clouds of smoke!!! They didn't have cars that could go 270 mph.
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Car with front lock tires

Front lock tires is a system installed on old cars many years ago to stop the car from the front wheels using the front brake which is controlled by a switch mounted to the dash of the car. People have chose to put it on and hit the gas and it cause burn out and clouds of smoke. These systems can also be installed to modern day cars.