Who are we?

SALUD was formed by a group of University of Pittsburgh medical students in 2002 in order to combat health care access disparities within the uninsured Latino population in Allegheny County.

In collaboration with the Program for Health Care to Underserved Populations (PHCUP), we offer a student-based Spanish-English interpreter service Saturday mornings and Monday evenings at the Birmingham free clinic. We also offer interpreter services when Spanish-speaking patients have specialty clinic or social work appointments.

Typical Patient Encounter

1. Greet patient in the waiting room and take them back to the cubicles. You learn why they are in the clinic that day, get to practice medical interviewing skills while filling out their intake form. You also take their vital signs and may do random blood sugar tests. You are the FIRST contact the patient has at the clinic and their advocate for the day.

2. After the initial encounter, you practice giving an oral presentation with the physician, and then bring the patient back to the exam room. You serve as an interpreter throughout the interaction with the physician, ensuring the physician is respectful towards the patient and understands their needs.

3. If the patient needs to pick up medications, you will interpret for them when they see the pharmacist in clinic, ensuring that they understand what medications they need to take, what they are for, and when to take them.

Plans for 2013-2014!

1. Spanish Conversation Nights

2. Clinical case lunch talks to highlight the complexity involved in caring for underserved Latinos at the Birmingham Clinic.

3. Recruit and train more volunteers

4. Community Outreach to continue spreading the word about SALUD

5. Hispanic Heritage Month events (TBD)

Contact Information