Between Shades Of Gray

by Ruta Sepetys

Book Flyer by Stephanie Carlson

The Author

Ruta was born and raised in Michigan, the youngest of three. She attended public school and had teachers that inspired her. She then went to Hillside college to study opera, but then changed gears. After that Ruta majored in International Finance, and moved to Europe. Then she moved to Los Angeles and began working in the music industry. Then over 15 years later, Ruta's husband told her that she should write a novel, and so she did. Between Shades of Gray was Ruta's first novel, and she now has more on the way.

How Would You Feel If You Were Arrested and Had No Idea Why?

The answer is very clear to Lina Vilkas who was taken from her home by the NKVD. She has 10 minutes to pack a bag. Her mother is breaking all of their valuables, plates and antiques. She has no idea where her father is. All she knows is how scared she is, and how she must stay brave for her brother Jonas.


Between Shades Of Gray is about a girl and her family who were arrested by the NKVD, the Russian police. This book tells of the hardships, mistreatment, and suffering they were put through all because of helping other people. Overall this book helps you understand how little glimpses of hope can keep you going, no matter what torture you are put through.