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Events for the week of May 16th-May 20th

Formative Assessment Techniques

At our GLC meeting this week we discussed possible professional development topics and instructional tips that would be helpful to provide to staff. Formative assessment techniques was an idea mentioned on the staff survey I sent out in July as a topic that staff is always interested in learning more about. I will plan to use this section of our weekly staff update to list 2-3 instructional strategies each week. I am sure that you are already familiar with some of these, but hopefully this can serve as refresher or a way to spark new ideas to use with our students. Please share any great tips you have so I can include them! Thanks!

Formative Assessment Strategies for:

There are so many amazing and free tech resources that allow us to consistently formatively assess our students throughout the natural flow of the lesson in order to make real time adjustments. Below are 3 more that I have had experience with and recommend or have just found and am anxious to share their potential with all of you! Please give them a try and let me know how they go! (resources this week found at: Educational Leadership (2014) Feedback for Learning, p.25-29)

"Feedback can't be left hanging; it can't work if students don't have an immediate opportunity to use it".

Good Feedback Is:

(1) Timely. It arrives while the student is still thinking about the work and while there's still time for improvement.

(2) Descriptive of the work, not the student personally. It focuses on one or more strengths of the work and provides at least one suggestion for a next step. Don't assume that your students know what they did well and that they only need corrections or fixes.

(3) Positive. It shows how learning is a journey forward, it's honest about both strengths to build on and weaknesses to improve. It's tone conveys to the student that the teacher thinks or him/her as an active learner.

(4) Clear and specific. It's specific enough so the student knows what to do next, but it leaves the student with some thinking to do.

(5) Differentiated. It meets the needs of each student with respect to the current work. For some students, a reminder is all that's needed for a next step; others may need prompts or examples.

If you use any of these strategies, please share with me how it went! Student work samples are also welcomed! Thank you for your commitment to professional growth!

Dates to Remember

Saturday, May 14th : Art Show @ 10am

Monday, May 16th: Fire Drill @ 2pm

Monday, May 16th: LEAP meeting with parents 6pm

Tuesday, May 17th: Volunteer Appreciation Breakfast @ 7:45am

Tuesday, May 17th: School Wide Flag Raising Ceremony @ 2:15pm

Tuesday, May 17th: Mini Relay for American Cancer Society

Wednesday, May 18th: Walk to School Day

Wednesday, May 18th Fourth Grade Music Program

Thursday, May 19th: Third Grade Mock Council @ 9am

Friday, May 20th: Spring Spectacular!!!!

Monday, May 23rd: Third Grade Science Career Day 1:15pm-3:15pm

Tuesday, May 24th: Second Grade Trip to Butterfly House @ 9:30am

Tuesday, May 24th: Fourth Grade Spell Down

Wednesday, May 25th: Second Grade BBQ lunch for students

Wednesday, May 25th: Variety Show @ 2pm

Thursday, May 26th: Awards Assembly @ 9am

Thursday, May 26th: Last Day of School for Students

Friday, May 27th: Teacher Work Day

Friday, May 27th: Teacher Lunch @ 11am

Friday, May 27th: Scoops for School @ General's Ice Cream 5pm-6pm Come see us!

General Information

*Please remember to thank WPA for this amazing week. Considering sending a representative to the meeting on Monday, May 9th, and thanking them in person.

*The Waterville Methodist Church is hosting a luncheon for all of Waterville staff on our Teacher Workday, May 27th. The lunch will be served at approximately 11am in the Media Center. I spoke with a member of the church who expressed such gratitude for all that our staff does to care for the children of the community.

*Please remember to use the Google Calendar Room to reserve the conference room for meetings. See Lori if you have questions. Thanks!!

*The Shadow Day for the 8th graders is the same day as our building-wide Spring Spectacular. Please do not commit to allowing 8th graders to come over and shadow on such a busy day without first speaking with me about it. We want to make sure that the experience being provided is a realistic look at our profession.

Volunteer Appreciation Breakfast

Please remember that staff is invited to join us in the Community Room to enjoy breakfast with our volunteers on Tuesday, May 17th, at 7:45 am. We hope you can come to show appreciation for the many individuals who help our students to be successful.

Fused Glass Pendant Making Party-BE THERE!

You are invited to a Fused Glass Pendant Making Party!

Facilitated by our very own "Art Teacher of the Year"!!!!

What: Create a fused glass pendant or two

Where: The art room

When: Monday, May 16th after school

Cost: $5.00 for each pendant

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