DC Staff Update

2 May 2016

I'm grateful this week for...

The music performances (Y12 Showcase and MYP Jazz Evening) last Tuesday afternoon and evening. Another opportunity to see (and hear) just how talented our students are. Thank you Dionne, Matt and Sebastian.

I was also privileged last week to be present last Thursday at ESFC as Dionne, Nicole, Evonne and Kevin presented their leadership platforms at the conclusion of the Emerging Leaders course.

warm welcome to James

After several months of anticipation, we welcome James Smith tomorrow as our new Head of Secondary. I need to acknowledge the commitment to the role that James has shown in the many visits to the school for meetings, and in attending several of our events, including last week's MYP Jazz Evening.

Introducing our new colleagues

I announced on Friday in the Explorer the names of the teachers who are leaving at the end of the term, as well as the new teachers for next year (including those of you who are already working with us in different roles). All new teachers are on the college web site HERE with their bios and photos.

wellbeing drinks at Sports Bar

Take a moment to reflect on some key moments of your life that you achieved more than you thought possible or really embraced a difficult and challenging situation as an opportunity for growth and change.

Join Deb, Gill, Kylie, Lyn, Tanya, Kate S, Kate J, Kevin R, Rachel, Jason E, Shann, Adam, Lawrence, Peter, Stephen, Mandy and more this week as their share their journeys. These achievements, although physical, are much more about the power of their thinking, determination, GRIT and commitment to overcoming and growing beyond obstacles and challenges.

Want to hear more? Set your own goals in any area of your life? Achieve more with friends? Be inspired? Have a laugh? Simply enjoy a drink and conversation? Come along to the Sports Bar on Wednesday 5 May from 4pm onwards - all staff welcome.

Positive health workshop #1

Members of the Positive Health Team at DC have put together a series of workshops for anyone (staff and friends), who may be interested in increasing their positive health through small changes to our nutrition and daily lives - without a fancy diet.

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The workshops will kick off with a screening of That Sugar Film at 4.30pm on Tuesday 10 May in the Staffroom. Save the date - more information to come.

Digital Life survey - part 2

Continuing on with our reporting of the data that came out of the Digital Life Survey, we have 87% of staff that have technology firmly embed into their class. Other Hong Kong schools reported the same figure whilst other International schools report it at a level of 90%. A further 77% of staff believe that the use of technology in their classroom practice is ‘about right’ whilst 15% feel they don’t use technology enough.

One of the recommendations by the Digital Review Committee was to increase opportunities for teachers to share good technology practice, which in turn will hopefully benefit those 15% who feel that they don't use enough technology in their teaching practice

The Digital Review Committee

Hope international

At last Friday's briefing, Jonny Tate (Science/Biology) shared with us the work he and his wife, Fiona, have been doing through Hope International (HK) in providing volunteer time, expertise, equipment, medicine, shipping costs and donations of funds to communities across Africa, Asia and the Americas.

Jonny showed us a moving video of a recent project providing safe drinking water in Ethiopia, which you can view HERE. Humbling to see what one of our staff members is involved in outside of school, especially one such as this that aligns so beautifully with the IB Philosophy as well as our own DC Vision.

2016-17 Calendar

Click HERE to view the draft Calendar for the 2016-17 academic year. Please have a look at it for inaccuracies or conflicts, and send your responses to me. Note that there are still items to be added and some events to be confirmed.

Curriculum budgets

Reminder to budget holders that Curriculum budget bids for next year are due to me by this coming Friday 6 May.

This week

  • Please be considerate to the fact that our Y13 students will be sitting their DP exams on the 4/F for the next 3 weeks. It is important that we remind all students about noise levels.
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