Premature Birth Defect

Emily Manton, Kylie Gary, Shelby Harrell

What is Premature Birth?

This is when the baby is born more than three weeks before it was supposed to be born. In other words, the baby was born less than 37 weeks in birth rather than 40 weeks. Premature birth causes the baby to have less time to develop in the womb. The method of inheritance is actually hereditary, no obvious environmental risk factors can be identified in most preterm births. This occurs to new born babies who were just born.

Strategies for Children and Causes

"People tend to associate preterm wit high-cost intensive care services which would be challenging to poor countries, but a whole menu of effective, inexpensive services are available and work to save most these lives," says Carole Presern, PhD. The causes of this is smocking, overweight or underweight not getting good care, health issues, being pregnant with twins or other multiples, family history of premature labor, getting pregnant too soon after having a baby. When yo are about to give birth to a premature baby they will put you on bed rest. After giving birth they put the baby in incubator.

Prevention Strategies

Its regular tests that need to be done on any baby, hearing, blood, vision, breathing, etc. The degree of stress of the mother appears to be a key factor. Mothers showed high levels of stress during the first year of life, have lower rates of psycho-motor development, besides having greater risk of suffering sleep disorders at two years. Less stress, Quit smoking, avoid drinking alcohol, maintain an adequate amount of weight, eat nutritious and well balanced diet, and others are things you could do to prevent Premature Birth.

Helping Agencies

The March of Dimes, The Golden Goose Awards, CDC, and other Federal Agencies help out with Premature birth