Physics Of Roller coasters

By: CJ Canfield

Types of energy in roller coasters

There are many different forms of energy on roller coasters. However it starts with some type of machinery. The machine which can be chains, a motor, etc. this will take you up the hill. After that all the forms of energy will kick in, starting with potential energy. The potential energy starts at the top of the hill, because of the mass of the roller coaster, and the height of the roller coaster at that point. Once the roller coaster drops from the top of the hill, the potential energy becomes starts to descend because of the loss in height. Then the kinetic energy starts to take place. The coaster cars start to move faster, because the by dropping down the hill the car starts to lose height, making it so the coaster car starts to speed up. Then the potential energy will start up again, and then move back to kinetic energy, this is called mechanical energy. This will happen until the end of the ride. So in total there are three types of energy throughout the ride of a roller coaster. Those are mechanical, potential, and kinetic energy.

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