Come to Olympia!

A new country has been established. It's awesome too!

Awesome Country!

Come to this new country called Olympia! It has a good government. There are 3 branches. The Organism Branch, the Idealistic Branch, and the Representative Branch. The Organism Branch keeps things together like laws so people don't abandon them (50 people). The Idealistic Branch comes up with new ideas of things like laws, defenses, and anything else to protect their country (50 people). The Representative Branch is only 3 people. They are the Representatives of the country chosen by citizens. They give speeches about what they think needs to be done and how it could improve.

People get to be in the government if they are a citizen (The first 100,000 that come in will be the first citizens), they don't have a history of crime, and if they went through college. They are chosen in the Idealistic and Organism Branch by over 1/2 of the people every 5 years. The Representative Branch leaders are voted for every 2 years also by over 1/2.

Taxes are 5% of how much you paid. There shouldn't be rich people because they have to share with poor, but if there are then they pay 15% of what they pay and people that are so poor that they can't pay taxes they don't have to. They will be used for public things like schools, parks, and many more. If the government uses taxes for themselves instead of making them go where they should go, they will go to jail and someone else will be elected.

The Constitution says you have to be respectful to your country and you have to make decisions that are safe for everyone. There will be no gay rights in Olympia. If there are rich they give to the poor to balance everything out. It is a free country from anything like slavery. Immigrants will be checked to make sure they have no disease. If they do they will be sent to an immigrant reservation with people that have the same disease so they can still have a better life but they don't get other people sick. Everyone helps make the country peaceful.

Everyone has equal rights. They have the right to own property, go to to school or anything public, and many more. There is NO right to carry weapons unless you are at war. Even if there aren't certain rights in the Constitution that aren't against it, that dose not mean you don't have it.

The army has three different sections. The sea, the air, and the earth. They guard and fight in what there section is. They can tell the government that they are going of to war or they need to explode a missile or anything else they need to do to protect their country. They have to protect their country.

If somebody wants a law to be made they send in a slip of paper that says what law they want to be made. Then government will vote after they have looked at the Constitution for over 1/2 of the government. If it is a yes, it will become a law. If no then it wont be a law. But the law has to relate to everyone and has to be reasonable.

So, please come to Olympia for it will be a great country. Remember, only the first 100,000 are citizens! That means come quick! We hope that lots will come and anyone who comes will be welcomed greatly!