Walt Disney

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Walt Disney

Walt Disney a very famous person and he made lots of cartoons and one of the cartoons is ''Mickey Mouse Club House'' .He loved to draw scene he was a little boy as he stated to grow up he became famous for all his wonderful drawings he made. Walt's dad is named Elias and his mothers name was Flora he had 3 siblings.Walt died from lung cancer he died at 9:30 a.m. on December 15,1966 lot's of people were sad after he died especially his parent.

When Walt Disney Died

Walt Disney died on December 15,1966 at 9:30 alto of people where sad after he died they buried him under Disney Land.

Some Of Walt Disney's Characters

Mickey Mouse Club House

Walt Disney's First Movie Made

Walt Disney's first movie is ''Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs''the movie was made in 1937 lot of little girls love to watch the movie because it has a beautiful princess named Snow White. Walt Disney is really famous for mostly everything he drew. Enjoy the part of the movie
Snow White-Heigh Ho-(French 2001)