1. A portion of the Himalayas stretches across the northern part of India

2.The Bay of Bengal is east of the country, average depth 8,500+ feet

3.Temperature ranges from about 28.4 degrees to 104 degrees. In the summer, it can climb to 117 degrees and drop to 24.8 in the winter.

4.The Thar desert is in northern India and is about 77,000 square miles Himalayas

Human Characteristics

1. Independence day on Aug. 15 Republic day Jan. 26 and Gandhi Jayanti (Gandhi's Birthday) Oct. 2

2.Each region has a different range of food going from spicy to very mild, Along with lots of different curries

3.Cricket is the most popular sport, it was brought in by the British

4.Gandhi lead a peaceful protest towards gaining independence from Great Britain. His protest consisted of several hunger strikes, many people including himself being imprisoned, and a salt march. He was sadly murdered in January of 1948.