New Discovery!

A new creature was just discovered!

These new creature are called Na'vi

They were discovered by James Smith just two years ago. Smith discovered them when he was on a trip to the rain forest in Southeast Asia. He was there to examine a medical plant when all of a sudden they jumped out of a tree and captured him. Eventually, Smith earned their trust, and he got the chance to learn all about them.

What he discovered

The Na'vi are a huge interesting creature. They stand at 10 feet tall. They have striped cyan-colored skin and long tails. The Na'vi have four times the strength of a human, and they live about 30% longer than any average human being. They only have two legs, but the Na'vi have four fingers on each hand, and four toes on each foot. Despite all of those differences they are just like any human. They have the same respiratory system, and all of their organs are basically the same. They are a heterotroph creature. The Na'vi are an omnivorous species. They eat meat, but they have been seen foraging and eating plants as well.