Does literacy impact peoples life?

Is being able to read and write have a big impact on someone

Who am I

My name is Le'Andrew Vaughn, I am 16 years old and am a sophomore and my big question is. Does literacy impact people lives? if so how and what ways does it impact the person life. This is important because it can affect the persons future and how they live. I want to learn how people use literacy in their everyday lives and if there wasn't literacy would that change a persons life for the worse. I also want to learn if someone doesn't have literacy can this affect them for the better.

What I know

I already know that if someone has great skills with literacy then they are more likely to do great but some people that are not as literate as others can still be destined to be great but in way its harder for them to read, write and understand somethings. These skills are needed for some jobs and other things that a person will encounter in life.

What is literacy

Literacy is the ability to read and write. Many people read and write on different levels. When writing many people also have expectations on how you should read and write and if you cant't do either then some places will not accept you.

3rd grade level

Level of reading

They take studies on people that are not able to read at a third grade level. They do this because they believe that if a person can not read at a third grade level then he/she are more likely to commit a crime that will end them up in prison. These studies also help them calculate how many prisons should be built because of the fact they do not know how to read on a third grade level.

Is it wrong or right to make prison based on literacy

Many people think that this is wrong because they should not be able to decide on the prison system just by looking at third graders and their literacy skills. Others think it is perfect because with this they are able to decide if more prisons should be built because of this.
Making a prison based on someone reading skills is not fair because some people have a harder time learning than other people and this affects them if people build prisons based on this.
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Can it affect people in the future.

Kids that are in the fourth grade and that have poor reading skills can affect them in the long run. Poor reading skills can affect them academically, emotionally and socially. These are import in a persons life because if they are not able to do something academically then they will have a hard time learning in the future.
Some people could get affected emotionally because if they are at a level where they should be reading high but can not then people might make fun of that student of even adults. Adults that work in an environment where they might have to read a thing or two could not work out in their favor.
It can affect someone socially because they may not be able to write o someone nor will they be able to get a job because they can not make a resume. If they are needed to fill out forums they may need someone to help them read it and that resulting in the lost of jobs.

Many types of literacy.

There are many types of literacy such as technology literacy and also culture literacy to name a few. Knowing these are a good idea if you want to be successful in life because they all the skills needed to do something. At the same time all of them are not needed due to the simple fact that most people tend to focus on one thing and one thing only.
People have taught themselves these skills. Slaves and immigrants are one of the many people that have taught themselves these skills and have used them in their lives to better themselves.

Brian Stover

Thought that when we were brought into the world that literacy was automatically taught to us as humans. Said that as we are born the people that communicate with us gave of some knowledge of literacy. Literacy is taught us when we are born if people are not there to teach us them we have a hard time learning anything. People that are taught at a younger age tend to have better reading skills then someone who is taught at an age where they need to access reading to learn things in life.