Will We Ever Colonize Mars?

by: Matthew Finn and Osayd Pirzada

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Colonization has always been man kinds desire. From the very beginning man has wanted to expand their reach. The next big step of expansion for us is soon approaching. Mars will soon have a human presence on it just like the moon.

When will we launch?

Missions are being planned for the 2020's - 2030's. We found that "The class of 2017 could very well include the first people to step foot on Mars" (Cleese 9-10). Many companies plan to launch soon so look out Mars here we come!

Manned Missions In The Future

Challenges for the missions

Space is Unforgiving

  • Space Radiation and Cosmic Rays can cause sickness and death
  • Solar Flares can damage the unprotected spacecraft
  • Claustrophobia will cause astronauts/ cosmonauts to go insane if they are not prepared

Money Will Be A Problem

The missions will cost millions if not billions of dollars. Also with the probability of mission failure the stakes for the missions are very high. With the cost of one mission at $6 billion (the same as Activision bought candy crush for) the others will no doubt be just as expensive.

The Good


In the distant future Earth will no longer be a suitable place for humans (that's a different argument). Humans will need a new planet to live on and Mars will offer data on going even further out. It will also show us how to put a colony on another planet.



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