Rose Marlene Mercado

All About Me...(pd: 7)

Mini Bio:

I'm an 18 year old Puerto Rican female. I was raised in a very traditional Hispanic household my family means everything to me (still being raised because being 18 means nothing with Spanish folks). I grew up speaking Spanish my parents were very strict on me not speaking English at home. Which now I come to understand the importance of it. Ironically, my younger brother and sister can't speak Spanish at all (rule wasn't much enforced on them). I didn't grow up around my birth father, my step father who is the only dad to me has raised me as his own. Recently, my birth father has come into contact with me. I got the chance to meet him and his family over the summer which was a very impacting trip for me. My Christian foundation is extremely important in how I've been brought up. I love Jesus, every much enjoy attending church. It's all implanted good morals and really influenced with I am as a person, as well as my future goals in life. After closing this chapter in high school I wanna get a degree in social work working with children who don't have a home. Everyone has someone who's had a great impacted in their lives, and I want to be a source of impact to those kids who need someone to give them hope.
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The Indian's Cave

This became my favorite spot back home. You feel as if you where at the edge of the world. It's magical. Huge rocks that seem like a mountains, inside there's caves you climb down too. Really dangerous so you have to be quite adventurous to visit the site.
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I'm a BIG eater! Tiny but don't let it fool you...(also LOVE cooking)

My Family <3

My Favorite Places :)