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if you like pop art then you will like this

what is pop art

some people think that art is only nice pictures of nice flowers but they havent seen pop art pop art is the new craze that is sweeping the nation it started small in london in the 1950s but the it hit new york city and from then on there was no going back for the constently changing world of pop art

meet the artists

at the art exobition we are privolaged to have two of the most influenchal pop artists ever to live we have the amazing andy warhol and the great roy lichtenstein andy is most famous for the munroe 9 and roy is most famous for his comic book art.

what i do

i am a new pop artist on the block and i am very priverlaged to be part of this great movment in the art world and to have my art up with the greats

where are we

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on the 15 febuary 2013 we will be holding an art expodition at the exiter phinex gallery 12 till 3 pm