Green Acres Gazette

February 2020

Principal's Message

Greetings, Green Acres Family!

We have reached our 104th day of school, and student-led conferences are just around the corner! Wow! How time flies! For the entire week of February 24 through February 28, we will be on restructured days, 8:00 am -12:40 pm so that students can present their work, along with their teachers, at a scheduled time. Keep an eye out for messages from your child's teacher attempting to schedule a day and time for this proud moment that students get to present their hard work.

With less than 80 days of school left, and the flu season nearly behind us, I would like to thank everyone for their efforts in being in school every day and on time. Our data in both attendance and academic achievement will significantly impact our collective efforts, and our students are the beneficiaries.

Please keep an eye on the calendar as we have many events coming up! Our Language Ambassadors will culminate their projects at Live Oak Elementary on March 31, 2020. Family Art Night will be on March 17, Parent's Night Out on March 7, Family Math Night March 25, and lots of other on-site events are planned for students. Green Acres is an excellent place for kids, and we continue to work hard to ensure all students are academically and socially emotionally prepared for 21st-century work.

Please make sure you are checking out our web page calendar for planned events, dates, and times. Also, if you are not receiving reminder texts, please send a text message to 87569 and type in the word YES.

Thank you for your continued support and partnership!


Rebecca Taylor, Principal

Parking and Drop Off Zone

We have two parking lots in which parents can easily drop off students in our DROP OFF ZONES. This drop off zone was created to help all students get dropped off easily and safely. Please note the red curb and clearly posted signs indicating that neither is intended for parking. That would create a backup, traffic jam, and unsafe conditions for our students. If you need to stay longer, please park in a space that is not marked. The "STAFF" slots are for our teachers so they can get to class quickly and be ready to teach. Thanks for modeling how to follow the school rules for our students.

Social Emotional Learning

The Live Oak School District is intentional about developing the whole child. This means we are intentional about meeting the needs of students both academically and emotionally. Look at the SEL link for more information about social-emotional learning.

Technology For Students

I often get asked whether or not I recommend having computers in the home. My answer is always, YES! Though I am aware of the potential problems technology can bring (inappropriate content) with good parent monitoring, children benefit greatly from technology. Be informed about the age minimum for subscriptions to social media and understand that cyberbullying is real. With good information, you can ensure that your child is using technology appropriately and advantageously. Students will need to know how to navigate the computer to take assessments, conduct research, make presentations, and turn in work to his/her teacher. Today, students can also collaborate on the computer with peers to create group projects that advance learning for both presenters and audiences. Here is a link with some good information about technology.