Willow Parent Bulletin #33

May 14, 2021

Device return information

In-Person Students:

On Wednesday, June 2nd, all “In-Person Students” will leave their device at school. Please make sure that your child has the original charger and cord that was issued with the device. There is a $15.00 charge for a replacement/lost cord and a separate $15.00 for the charging brick.

The device will be inspected for any damages (cracked screen, water damage, audio jacks, etc.) The charges vary depending on if this is a first-time incident. If there are any damages, we will initiate the insurance claim and send you an email along with a photo of the device. If any device is not turned in, there will be a charge (cost of the device) assessed to the student’s account.

If you notice that your device has any damages, please contact the Tech Department so an insurance claim can be processed. Information will then be sent to you on how to process the claim with payment.

Remote Students:

On Thursday, June 3rd and Friday, June 4th, you will be bringing your child’s device, original cord, and brick to the school. Please make sure that the device is charged and cleaned. (Please view the video) There’s a process that will take place on these days. Your device will be inspected for any damages (cracked screen, water damage, audio jacks, etc.) If you have any damages or a lost cord/brick you will fill out an insurance claim form at the next table.

There will be a charge (cost of the device) assessed to the student’s account for any device and equipment that is not returned. If the dates/times don’t work for you, please make arrangements, by email, with Sametta Gardner (sametta.gardner@hsd153.org) before June 3rd. (Please note that if any appointment isn’t made and the device isn’t turned in on the set dates, your student’s account will be charged for the cost of the device, cord, and brick)

Weekly Announcements- Mrs. Vazquez

Please enjoy the announcements this week with Mrs. Vazquez from 2nd grade.https://www.loom.com/share/ba8553d93c4544f89dfe418cd3e80488

MIA...books from the library

As you spring clean, please be on the look out for any books from the Willow Library and/or your teacher's classroom. We are missing many of both.

Parent input for next year

As part of planning, parents are encouraged to give input about the learning environment where their child will be most successful. I already get information from your child’s teacher, but also appreciate your perspective on how he/she learns best. Any supplemental information on learning style, achievement, and behavior is appreciated. Sometimes a good friend isn’t the best classmate. If you know of any potential personality conflicts with other students, please include that information, as well.

We do not honor requests for specific teachers since we know they are all well qualified to meet the high expectations in Homewood. Please have your letter in by June 1, 2021. You can email, mail, or drop it in the box outside Door A.

Come Join Us for ACES

Our annual ACES ( All Children Exercising Simultaneously) activity will be on June 1st at 9:30 AM. If you have a remote learner, come join us outside on Willow Hill for some fun activities and a little dancing. We'll be out with the in-person crew, safely distanced.

Erin's Law-part III

Part 3 of the state mandated Erin's Law will begin next week for 1st and 2nd graders. If you prefer your child not participate, please let your child's teacher know. For more information on the law: https://www.erinslawillinois.org/erins-law/the-key-components-of-erins-law/

Homewood PTA School Tool Boxes

District 153 Parents,

Homewood PTA is again joining with School Tool Box to offer you school supply kits for next school year! This is a service offered to you by PTA, it is not mandatory…but it will make back to school shopping, so much easier!

All ordering is done online and the kits are delivered directly to your home! We really wanted to make this as easy as possible for you! Kits will be delivered within 2 weeks of ordering. PLEASE ORDER NO LATER THAN AUGUST 6TH TO ENSURE DELIVERY BEFORE SCHOOL BEGINS! Ordering after this date, might mean that your kit will not arrive in time for the first day of school.

A great feature of these school supply kits is that they can be customized! If you already have some supplies at home, they can be taken out of your kit before purchasing. If you need to buy extra supplies for home, you can add those to your kit as well!

* For every kit purchased, School Tool Box will donate one meal to the Feed My Starving Children charity as well *

PLEASE BE AWARE THAT NOT ALL ITEMS ON YOUR CHILD’S SCHOOL SUPPLY LIST MAY BE INCLUDED IN THE SCHOOL TOOL BOX KITS. Be sure to check your supply list from the schools, as changes may have been made too late to be added to the kits, or the items may not be available through the company.

If you have any questions about the school supply kits, please call the 800 number on the front of the flier.

We hope you enjoy this service and that it makes preparing for next school year easier!


Homewood PTA

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Cook's Night Out at Aurelio's Pizza


Homewood PTA will close out this year’s fundraising, the same we be began…at Aurelio’s Pizza!

Please consider taking the night off from cooking, and have some delicious Aurelio’s pizza on Monday, May 17th. Whether you dine-in, carry-out or order for delivery, all count towards our fundraiser. PTA will receive 20% of all sales, when the fundraiser flier is presented.

Homewood PTA thanks you for supporting us this year!!

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May 28: School Improvement Day - ALL STUDENTS REMOTE with 11:30 AM early dismissal Car parade at 12 PM for our retirees: Mary Heyne, Carla Hildreth, and Michelle Klupchak

May 31: NO School- Memorial Day

June 1: Parent placement information for next year is due and ACES at 9:30 AM

JUNE 2: In-person learners return devices.

JUNE 3: LAST DAY - School Improvement Day - ALL STUDENTS REMOTE with 11:30 AM early dismissal

June 3: Device drop off from 12-4PM

June 4: Device drop off from 8 AM-4 PM

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