AHS Tech Times

2nd Annual Digital Learning Expo

Students are encouraged to enter a technology project into the ACS Digital Expo. The window is now open until November 9. Take a look at the link provided to get more information.

Digital Learning Expo

Google Drive Download

Classroom Help With Google Drive

The time is NOW to have your students download Google Drive to their laptops. Tina Webster can come to your classes and help you and your students download this drive to all laptops. Think carefully about the possiblility of having a cloud based drive to hold your documents! It is a smart move to make! Send Tina an email today to schedule your classes with her!

Atomic Learning

Bet you didn't know that you have an Atomic Learning account! Take a look at all of the videos on atomic learning that can help you with such things as Moodle, Google Docs, etc.

Atomic Learning