Demo Plan- Teaching Assisstant

Jessica Garcia @ Fallingbrook Middle School

Dates: May 9th

Time: 9:05 am - 9:45 am or 10:25 am - 11:05 am

Description of activity: Warm up, Sport Specific Warm up & Game Play

For this demo I will be doing a circuit, which consists of 4 stations that the girls will be doing for the first 2 minutes as warm up. Then I will be doing a sport specific warm up, which will get them ready for the game that they will be playing, which is called"Tchoukball". For that warm up I will have them go into lines and practice throwing the ball at the net as well as catching it. Then I will be going over the rules of the game,so that they know what to do and then they will continue on playing for the rest of the period. But at the end I will once again go over the rules of the game with the girls, so that they have a full understanding on how the game works. And throughout, I will be keeping time and monitoring the girls to ensure that everyone is on task as well as following the rules.


The reason behind choosing the circuit warm up was to do something different with the girls, that involved simple activities like push ups, lunges, dips and burpees. Since the first warm up is only 2 minutes long and by doing those types of exercises I would not have to take out a lot of equipment. I also wanted to do something that was a little high intensity for the girls and to get there heart rates up. Also when coming up with this demo I had to collaborate with Ms. Cliche, in order to do something that fit with the curriculum and that was appropriate for the students. And currently the girls will be playing "Tchoukball", which is why I will be teaching the class on my own on how to play the game. But before they play I will have them do another warm up to have them practice how to throw and catch the ball properly, to get them well prepared for when they actually play. All in all this demo allows me to really interact with the students and do a variety of things with them, that fits within the schedule.

Details of Activity:

Step 1: I will set up all the equipment for, "Tchoukball" as well as the signs that I have prepared, which will be used for when I do the circuit.

Step 2. Once the students come in I will greet them by saying, "Good Morning", and then I will wait for them to get changed. As they come in I will have have them sit on the bench that I have placed in the center of the gym and tap in for attendance on the Ipad. While they do this I will do a quick count of how many girls there are to get prepared for when I split them into groups. I then will hand the Ipad over to Mrs. Cliche.

Step 3. Once the attendance is done and all girls are present I will proceed to tell them about the circuit warm up and as I teach them I will demonstrate or either ask a girl to volunteer, to show everyone how to do the exercises. I will split them into groups and give them a station. Every 30 seconds I will give them a signal to rotate, which should take about 2 minutes. But before they rotate I will go over which stations they need to go to next to avoid any confusion.

Step 4. Then I will blow my whistle and have them stop, so that I can give each group a different colored pinny. And then I will give them instructions about the sport specific warm up, where they will stay into the same groups and form a line in front of one of the four nets. They then will have the front girl throw the ball, then the second in line will catch it and so on. But before I will choose one group to demonstrate so that everyone has a clear understanding on what to do. Then I will tell them to find a net and get started.

Step 5. Once the 2nd warm up is done I will then bring them back on the bench or have them go outside in the hallway because it may be loud, since Mr. Dunning's class is on the other side. I then will give them a quick review on how to play the game to ensure that they know what to do and what not to do. And then I will have them play while, I monitor and keep track of the time. To ensure that they are following the rules and that I send them out in time to get changed for their next class.

Step 6: Before they get changed, I will have them put the pinnies back on the bench as well as the ball at the back of the net. I will then discuss the game and the strategies they used, so that they properly know how to play the game. And so that next time they know what to improve on. I also may need to do the review either in the gym or hallway depending on how loud Mr. Dunning's class is. To ensure that the girls are able to hear me.

Step 7: Once they have changed, if I can I will tell the girls to have a good day. And if I have time I will tidy up the pinnies.

Required Materials:


-4 Tchoukball nets


-Stop watch/ Watch


- Signs for the circuit

-3 Mats

-4 Tchoukball balls

Special Instructions for Co-op Teacher: None

Approved: Date, Time and Activity



Signature of Placement Supervisor: