D91 Back to School Guide

2023-2024 School Year

Dear D91 Parents and Guardians,

The D91 faculty and staff are excited to welcome students back for a new academic year on Wednesday, August 16th. The first day of school is a half day, and students in grades K-8 will attend from 8:30 am until 11:30 am. The first full day of school (8:30 am-3:10 pm) will occur on Thursday, the 17th.

This guide is meant to help families navigate this busy time! Please reach out to our school offices with any questions.

The D91 Admin Team

Important Numbers & Extensions

Call 815-838-0737 to reach either school.

Press 1 to leave a message on the student attendance line. All absence calls should be made by 9am; if you are requesting homework, please include the request in your message.

1101 - KG Office

1113 - KG Reception Area

2100 - MG Office

1104 - District Registrar

1102 - KG Health Office

2106 - MG Health Office

1164 - KG Foodservice

2117 - MG Foodservice

KG Fax Number: 815-834-4339

MG Fax Number: 815-838-6893

Upcoming Dates

August 8: MG New Parent/Student Orientation (10am @ MG Door G - RSVP requested)

August 8: KG New Parent/Student Orientation (1:30pm @ KG Door 4 - RSVP requested)

August 8: Board Meeting at KG 7pm

August 10: Classes Posted @ MG Door A & KG Door 4 - Noon

August 10: Junior High Locker Set Up 12-2pm, Door 4

August 10: Kindergarten Ice Cream Social for Class of 2032 Families (RSVP requested)
August 14: Teacher’s Institute – No School
August 15: Teacher’s Institute – No School

August 15: Kindergarten & PK Open House, MG Grade 1-3 Supply Drop Off 5:30-6:30pm
August 16: First day of School for grades K-8 Dismissal at 11:30am
August 17: First full day of School 8:30am-3:10pm

August 18: Aug/Sept Lunch Orders Due at 9am

August 28: 1st Day of Breakfast & Hot Lunch Service
August 30: MG Expectation Night 6:30-8pm
August 31: Fall Pictures (PK - 8)

September 4: Labor Day – No School
September 6: KG Expectation Night 6:30-8pm
September 12: Board Meeting at MG 7pm
September 15: 11:30 Dismissal
September 20: 9:30 Late Start Day
September 29: Mid-Term of 1st Trimester

Milne Grove School New Parent Orientation

Tuesday, August 8, 2023

Parents will assemble in the library for a presentation and Q&A session with Mrs. Koziol. The children will gather in the IDEA lab for an activity. Both groups will reunite at the end for a tour; families are welcome to remain at the park afterward to socialize with other new families.


10:00 – 10:15am - K-3rd grade NEW student drop off in the Idea Lab.

10:15 – 11:15am - Parent informational meeting and Q&A in the LRC with Mrs. Koziol

11:15 – 11:45am - Student & Parent tour of Milne Grove School.

RSVP via Google Form or to Mrs. Magolan by Monday, August 7 at 815-838-0542x2100 or dmagolan@d91.net

Kelvin Grove School New Student Orientation Meeting

Dear Hornet Families:

All NEW students and any incoming fourth graders that missed Step-Up Day are invited to the New Student Orientation Meeting on Tuesday, August 8th at 1:30pm. Please enter at door #4.

Parents are welcome!

RSVP via Google Form or to Ms. Scott by Monday, August 7 at 815-838-0737x1101 or cscott@d91.net

Welcome to Kelvin Grove!

Ms. Carrie Scott

Incoming Kindergarten Class of 2032 Ice Cream Social

  • Incoming kindergarten families are invited to the Class of 2032 Ice Cream Social on Thursday, August 10th from 6:00-7:00 pm. Please rsvp on this form and indicate any allergy or food sensitivity your child has, so we can ensure a good mix that meets everyone's needs.
  • This informal event will be held on our playground. Parents and children will have an opportunity to socialize and get to know one another. Although there will be no formal presentation, Mrs. Koziol will be available to answer questions.
  • Class placements will also be available at Door A on August 10th and families are encouraged to drop off health forms if still outstanding.


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Students in 3rd - 8th grade will carry their district issued Chromebook between school and home each day. There is no need to bring the charger, just make sure it is fully charged before packing it. Students in K-2 will have Chromebooks available for use in the classroom, but will not carry them home. All students are encouraged to have a pair of personal headphones.
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Health Requirements and Forms

Our school nurses are happy to assist any family who has questions regarding health requirements or school based nursing services. Please reach out to them using the contact information below.

Mrs. Lacasse, RN at Kelvin Grove
815-838-0737, ext. 1102

Mrs. Olson, RN at Milne Grove
815-838-0737, ext. 2106


Calling in Student Absences

As a protection to their children, parents are required to contact the school whenever the child will not be in attendance. These calls should be placed before 9:00 am. If not received by 9:00 am, the child will be marked unexcused. A message must be left on voicemail at 815-838-0737 Press (1) for the attendance line.

At this time you should give the following information:

  • Student’s first and last name

  • Grade

  • Reason for the absence

  • Details of illness

  • Homework request

If a student is not called in or a note received from the parent/guardian advising of the student’s absence by

9:00 am a phone call will be made to the parent/guardian inquiring of the student’s absence. If a student is absent for 4 or more consecutive days of school, a doctor’s note is required upon returning to school.

Homework requests must be reported by 9:00 am each day of the student’s absence. Homework will be available after school in the office until 4:00pm. Late requests for homework cannot be honored.

Student attendance is crucial to student success. Appointments during the day are discouraged. If your child needs to be dismissed any time during the school day (e.g., dental or doctor appointments), please notify the office in writing prior to the absence. It is the student’s responsibility to obtain assignments before leaving. Students in grades 1-8 must attend a minimum of 300 academic minutes (excluding recess, lunch, and passing periods) in order to be counted as present for a full day. Students must attend a minimum of 150 academic minutes to be counted as present for the half day.

Payment of School Fees

If you indicated that you would like to create a payment plan or pay in full, please provide a check payable to Lockport SD 91 for the first/only payment. Families are welcome to use EPAY (see link below).

School Supplies

School supply lists are linked below.

ANY family that is having difficulty with school supplies or essential school items (backpacks, lunch boxes, book bags, etc) should contact the building principal immediately. We know the past year has been difficult for many.

Milne Grove students can drop off supplies in the MG gym on Tuesday August 15th from 5:30 - 6:30pm. Dropping off supplies in advance is completely optional, students are welcome to bring their supplies on the first day of school as well. If you choose to drop off supplies, just head around to the back of the school and enter through the gym doors. There will not be anyone in the office to buzz you in.

Kelvin Grove students should bring their supplies with them on the first day of school.

Open Houses for PK / K & Expectation Nights for MG Grades 1-3 & KG Grades 4-8

Kindergarten and Early Learners PK Open Houses will be offered at Milne Grove on Tuesday, August 15th from 6:00 - 6:45 pm. Parents and children are welcome to attend.

Milne Grove will offer an in-person Expectation Night on Wednesday, August 30th from 6:30 - 8 pm for parents with students in Grades 1-3; see the flyer below for specific timeframes.

Kelvin Grove will offer an in-person Expectation Night on Wednesday, September 6th from 6:30 - 8 pm for parents with students in Grades 4-8; see the flyer below for specific timeframes.

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Arrival and Entering the School(s)

  • Families are encouraged to drop off at Kelvin Grove FIRST and then head to Milne Grove.

  • Students may not arrive on school property prior to 8:20am. The arrival window at each school is 8:20-8:30am.

  • Students will enter buildings at assigned doors based upon their grade level; see list below

  • Students that arrive later than 8:30 am will enter through Door G (MG) or Door #2 (KG).


Kelvin Grove

At Kelvin Grove, parents may drop off using one of the three parking lots on campus. Student entry/exit doors by grade level:

4: Door #1

5: Door #3

6-8: Door #4

Specialized transportation-Door #11

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Milne Grove

At Milne Grove all students are dropped off at the front of the school and line up outside behind the school based upon their grade level; K and 1st outside of Door C and 2nd and 3rd between Door E and F.

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Dismissal and Leaving the School

Dismissal at both schools begins at 3:10pm. Families are encouraged to pick up at Kelvin Grove and then Milne Grove. If your child is walking from Kelvin to pick up a sibling on foot, please remind them that if they arrive late, their sibling will be waiting in the office.

Kelvin Grove

At Kelvin Grove, the doors for entrance and exit will be the same.

Bike riders and walkers:

  • At Kelvin Grove, these students will be dismissed from the assigned grade level door. Bike riders should walk bikes while on campus.

Milne Grove

At Milne Grove, car rider dismissal is based on grade level:

2nd & 3rd grade CAR RIDERS will exit the front of the building.

PK, K & 1st grade CAR RIDERS will exit the back of the building.

Sibling/Carpool pairs will exit according to the following rules:

  • Any sibling/carpool pair that includes a PK student will be dismissed to the back door.
  • Any sibling/carpool pair that includes a 1st or K student with a 2nd-grade sibling will be dismissed to the back door.
  • Any sibling/carpool pair that includes a 1st or K student with a 3rd-grade sibling will be dismissed to the front door.

Carpool groups are asked to call the office or fill out a ParentSquare form to ensure children are routed to the same dismissal area.

MG Walkers:

Families that plan to meet their children on foot DAILY must designate the child(ren) as "permanent" walkers in order to ensure they are routed to the correct dismissal door. Please notify the office by phone or by completing a ParentSquare form prior to August 16th. Regardless of age, your child will meet you near Door B at dismissal. If you are not present when walker dismissal concludes, your child will wait in the office until you notify Door G of your arrival.

If you would like your child to be picked up on foot at Door B for a single day or limited timespan, please designate your child as a "temporary walker" by notifying the school office at extension 2100 before 2:30 pm on the date(s) of the occurrence(s).

Students who are walking alone will exit Door A or B depending on whether they are walking east or west on 7th. If your child is allowed to walk unaccompanied, please notify a school representative directly.

Breakfast & Lunch Ordering Information

2023-2024 District 91 Meal Information

Breakfast $2.25 Lunch $3.90 Milk 50¢

All students in grades K-8 have the option to pre-order lunch and breakfast.

Meal services will begin on August 28, 2023 and be offered when school is in session through the end of the academic year. Order forms for Aug/Sept 2023 are due by 9am on Friday, August 18th. Every month, a new order form must be submitted with payment in advance of the due date in order to continue your child(ren)’s participation. Orders to our supplier are always placed well in advance; if a student’s order is submitted past the due date, the student will experience a one-week delay before food service will begin.

Students may qualify for free or reduced lunches; families that are not already on the direct certify list are invited to complete a 2023-2024 FRL Program Application through our registrar, Mrs. Dragosh at the district office. If approved, this program may lower the parent’s contribution per meal to .40 each day, or the program may subsidize the cost entirely.


ALL students will need to provide their own cold lunch from August 17 – August 25. Students who ordered their meals by the due date will receive pre-ordered lunches beginning 8/28. Students that choose not to order meals must bring a lunch from home each day; lunch is not served on half days.

Breakfast: Breakfast service will begin on August 28, 2023 for those that pre-ordered. Students will arrive at 8am and enter MG Door G or KG Door 4. Breakfast will not be served on late start days. Only students who order breakfast through the school are permitted to arrive during breakfast supervision each morning; students are not allowed to bring breakfast from home to consume in the cafeteria.

Tips for Success:

  • Please make sure you have made a note of which days your child is not ordering hot lunch and will need a cold lunch!

  • Menu changes may be necessary. Notice will be given when possible.

  • Credits are available if a child is sick on a day he or she has ordered. You MUST use the credit on the very next order form, or the credit will be forfeited. Parents/guardians are responsible for keeping track of credits; notices will not be provided.

  • All payments must accompany the order form; forms will be returned if the payment is not enclosed; if you are using E-Pay to fund hot lunches, please indicate the amount of the payment and the confirmation number on your form.

  • All students are required to complete the lunch form monthly, even if your child has qualified for free or reduced lunch status.

  • Our kitchen does not keep extra hot meals on hand each day; students who forget their lunch may contact their parent or guardian to bring a lunch to school.

Mrs. Cote, Food Service Coordinator at Milne Grove
815-838-0542, ext. 2117

Mrs. Latham, Food Service Coordinator at Kelvin Grove
815-838-0737, ext. 1164


Lunch Program Website

Fall Picture Day 2023 - AUGUST 31st

Picture Day for D91 students is Thursday, August 31, 2023. Order your perfect package online and don’t worry about returning anything on Picture Day! If you prefer a picture day form, please check your child's backpack/folder in the coming weeks.

Milne Grove Picture Day ID - EVT6NWH7D

Kelvin Grove Picture Day ID - EVTBW7DSD

Retake Day is Friday, October 13th & Spring Picture Day is March 8th


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Helping Your Child Succeed

D91 is excited to welcome your child back to school!