Art, Music, and Spanish in Fort Thomas Independent Schools


Season's Greetings & Feliz Navidad

As we wrap up 2014, let's take a look at a few of the ways students are actively engaged in creative learning processes. Look for ways to spread holiday cheer!

MUSIC / Música

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First Grade Holiday Musical

The first grade students at Johnson Elementary have been working for 14 weeks to prepare for a holiday musical. The show "Arf On The Housetop" is going to be a dog-gone good time! We will be presenting the show for the student body at 2:00 pm on Thursday Dec. 18th and then again for the public at 7:00 pm.

Moyer and Woodfill first grade students have just begun to work on their spring musical and will present their shows on Monday March 16th (Moyer) and Monday April 13th (Woodfill). Save the date!

Mary Scaggs

K-2 Music Educator FTIS

SPANISH / Español

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In kindergarten Spanish we having been learning how to say how we feel. I am really proud of how eager students are at participating in Spanish class! Keep up the great work!

Julie Dashley

K-2 Spanish Educator FTIS

ART / Arte

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The art room is buzzing with activity as students explore our Choice-Based Studio.

Drawing, painting, collage, and found object sculptures are simultaneously being created, as inspired by African masks, Ancient Egypt, Celtic Knots, European Coat of Arms, Día de Muertos, and more!

5th Grade:

I can explore cultural differences.

I can research and share information about a culture.

I can design an artwork inspired by a particular culture.

Jennifer Flynn

3-5 Visual Art Educator FTIS

Kids' Art Museum

Don't forget to visit our ever-expanding online exhibits!

Johnson's Gallery Moyer's Gallery Woodfill's Gallery

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Miss Emily here again! In the last newsletter I said "hi," and it is already time for me to say "bye!" It is bittersweet to be ending my student teaching experience at Fort Thomas - I have learned so much from Mrs. Everett and the students here are amazing. It has been an honor to teach them and guide them in their creative processes. But, it is time for me to graduate from Xavier and find my own art classroom!

This week with 2nd grade we are playing the "Gallery Game," which is an art critique in disguise. Students have spent the semester making WOW works (Wonderful, Original, Works of Art) and we set up their art on tables in the classroom like a gallery. Students walked around the room for five minutes, looking at all the artwork and reading artist statements. Next they cast their votes! They voted with "tokens" on the artwork that would be worth the most money, their overall favorite artwork, the artwork that took the most time to make, and the artwork with the best idea or most creative. We tallied the votes and discussed the artworks that received the most tokens - why did people vote that this took the most time? Why would someone say this artwork is their favorite? They had GREAT responses! This activity has helped them identify the qualities a successful piece of art, and what they can do to make their own artwork more successful.

First grade has continued creating WOW works, and we have learned about mixed media artwork, sculptures, and paper sculptures. Kindergarten made sculptures out of Model Magic, and built and glazed clay pinch pots. Encourage your children to be creative and imaginative over the break! They have great ideas.

Emily Boutilier

K-2 Visual Art Student Teacher

MUSIC / Música

In music class, December means a lot of singing. The fourth grade classes are learning a song about Hanukkah. This song will be sung at an assembly for the students next week. Along with learning about diversity in December celebrations, the fourth grade is working on harmony and dynamics. They are labeling Christmas songs with dynamics and singing them. It seems like they are enjoying this while learning an essential element of music. Singing “Silent Night” in Fortissimo makes them giggle.

Take a look at the video to hear Woodfill’s Sophia and Grace, sing in harmony.

David Rockel

3-5 Music Educator FTIS

SPANISH / Español

5th Grade Spanish
In 5th Grade Spanish we had the chance to make tortillas this last week of school before break. We used the "tortillera" to flatten the dough and then Señora McClamrock cooked them on the "comal."

Silvia McClamrock

3-5 Spanish Educator FTIS

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Current Exhibitions

Plan a visit to the Taft Museum of Art in Cincinnati to see Antique Christmas - a special exhibition on display through January 4.

Visit on Sundays to receive free admission!

"Get into the holiday mood by visiting the Taft’s annual display of antique ornaments, decorations, and toys. Thanks to generous lenders from Cincinnati and beyond, you can escape to a winter wonderland of Christmas past. As in previous years, this year’s exhibition features unique and unfamiliar displays: feather trees adorned with clown ornaments, mushroom ornaments, bird ornaments, 1930s foil-wrapped ornaments, and 1940s World War II–era glass ornaments. Among the toys are antique pull toys, nodding reindeer from Germany, and paper doll sets. Holiday decorations include very early Santa figures, a 1950s Christmas display, and—last but not least—a Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer display to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the television special this year."

Art room donations!

Help restock our Found Object Center for 2015!

Empty paper towel / toilet paper rolls

pipe cleaners

buttons and beads

decorative paper/cardstock

disposable cups