SIBERIA (what, what)

By Jordie jor and E-dizzle


Who: Jordie jor and E-dizzle

when: Nov 17-Nov 21

Why; we were being annoying and disruptive, so we were banished to Siberia

Where: Trans-Siberian railroad

Day 1

We left from Mrs. Stoermers banishment rocket on November 17. When we got in Beijing we stopped at Summer palace which is a palace that covers 2.9 square kilometers 3 quarters of that is water. After that we went back to our hotel room and went to bed. We woke up and it was time to go to Omsk!!!!!!!!!!!

Day 2

We got to Omsk and when we got there we were hungry so we stopped by a restaurant called Skuratvo Coffee. They had really good coffee. After that we decided on a place to go sight seeing we agreed on the Omsk drama theater it wad beautiful.

Favorite places and 2 lanforms

One of my favorite thing I did in Omsk was eat a relaxing lunch in Skuratvo Coffee. My second favorite thing was walking around the beautiful inside and outside of Summer palace. 2 landforms I saw were great big plains one was called Moskvoretsko-Oksky Plain and another landform was The big Ural mountains.