Mrs. Petersen's Class News

Week of March 23, 2015

One more week!

Spring Break is almost here! Our class is so excited about the "Spring Sightings" that are happening all around us! Warmer weather, flowers blooming and all of that green! Read on to see what we will be working on this week!

Reader's Workshop

In Reader's Workshop, we are continuing our study of the different Genres of books! So far we have learned all about fiction and non-fiction books and have broken down those genres even further to learn all about Realistic Fiction and Fantasy. This week, we will learn all about Mysteries, Traditional Literature, Biographies, Informational Books and Historical Fiction. This is a fun unit and gives us a great opportunity to study all kinds of great children's literature!

Writer's Workshop

In Writer's Workshop, this week we will begin a new unit! We will be writing Realistic Fiction stories! We will learn that authors will sometimes incorporate their own real-life experiences with made up characters to create a Realistic Fiction story. This unit will bring a refreshed focus on editing our work. We will be working hard on the conventions of writing- beginning each sentence with a capital letter, ending each sentence with proper punctuation and leaving enough space between words. Please continue to hold those high expectations for writing conventions with your child at home.
At this point, Kindergartners are using mostly beginning and ending consonants to spell words and are using upper and lowercase letters indiscriminately. Kindergartners are using words to convey meaning and are beginning to read their own writing instead of pretending to read what they have written.
1st Graders should be beginning each sentence with a capital letter and ending each sentence with a period. They should be sounding out the beginning, middle and ending of unknown words and making efforts to apply spelling concepts such as blends, diagraphs and silent e.

Math Workshop

This week in Math Workshop, we will continue to review word problems as well as review numbers in base 10 in preparation for adding and subtracting numbers 2 digit numbers!

Our Dreambox competition is still going strong! Please remember that your child may work for 15-20 minutes on or using the Dreambox app in place of any math homework. If your child wishes to do this, please write "dreambox" across the top of their math homework sheet and turn it in by Friday. :)

Social Studies

In Social Studies this week, we will be learning all about "Wants and Needs". This is the beginning of our studies of economics and it's relationship within a community!

Field Trip Information!

Field Trips are right around the corner!

1st Grade will be taking a walking tour of Downtown Concord! We will be visiting the Police Station, library, bank and finishing up with lunch at a restaurant! Our 1st Grade field trip is Thursday, April 9th! Our Kindergartners will visit the other Kindergarten classrooms while the 1st Graders and myself are on this trip.

Kindergartners will be taking a trip to Sea Life Aquarium in Concord Mills on Tuesday, April 28th. We will analyze and compare the characteristics of sea animals. Our 1st graders will be visiting the other 1st grade classrooms while the Kindergartners and myself are on this trip.

PBIS 3rd Quarter Celebration

In celebration of positive behavior choices, eligible students will be invited to our school "Spring Fling" on Friday, April 10th. We will have an outdoor event including games and inflatables! Eligibility is based on students receiving 271 points and no office referrals during the 3rd quarter. It is sure to be a great time!

Buzzing About Books!

Get ready for our next challenge! We are tracking student's stamina while reading. In doing this, we are hoping to build our stamina in reading. Each night, while working with your child on their reading homework, please record (using the orange "Buzzing About Books" sheet) the amount of time that your child was fully engaged in reading their book without stopping or looking away. Students will be rewarded weekly for building their stamina!

Upcoming Important Events

Monday, March 30th through Friday, April 3rd
Spring Break!

Thursday, April 9th
1st Grade Field Trip to Downtown Concord

Friday, April 10th
PBIS Behavior Celebration

Tuesday, April 28th
Kindergarten Field Trip to Sea Life Aquarium