By-Noah Boyd

Birth Date/Place


March Toward Rome

  • In late spring 218 B.C. Hannibal marched through the Pyrenees and towards Gaul.
  • He then went to cross the Alps.
  • Hannibal and his army crossed the Alps but not after 15 days of being attacked by several tribes along the way.
  • When Hannibal and his "army" left the Alps.

The Second Punic War

  • The next 3 years Hannibal and his army would battle for the Italian territory against Scipio and his army.
  • While in battle against Scipio and his forces.
  • Hannibal and his army then got within 3 miles of the capital before he had to stop because he didn't have enough men to successfully go into Rome.
  • While they were fighting still, Rome had sent forces out to Liberia and North Africa, and had them raid Carthaginian towns and villages.
  • When Hannibal and Scipio battled in the Battle of Zama, it wasn't like any of their previous battles.


  • The Romans had became concerned about Hannibal’s growth in power so in 195 B.C. he was demanded to retire from his military position.
  • He then moved to Ephesus and became a military adviser, but in 190 B.C. he was moved to command the Seleucid Empire fleet and went into battle with Pergamon, there he was defeated and ran off to Bithynia.
  • The Romans then demanded that he was to be turned over to them, Hannibal though didn’t want to fall into enemy hands and he fled again.
  • In about 183 B.C. at Libyssa Hannibal took his own life by drinking a vial of poison.