Angle Relationships

By: Marlena Auch and Haley Dougherty

Complementary, Supplementary, and Adjacent Angles

Complementary Angle- two angles whose degrees equal 90° when added together

Supplementary Angle- two angles whose degrees equal 180° when added together

Adjacent Angle- angles that share one common side

Right, Acute, Obtuse, and Straight Angles

Right Angle- an internal angle which is equal to 90°

Acute Angle- an angle smaller than 90°

Obtuse Angle- an angle greater than 90°

Straight Angle- angle is exactly 180°

Linear Pair and Vertical Angles

Linear Pair- a pair of adjacent angles with non-common sides that are opposite rays

Vertical Angles- are two non-adjacent angles formed by two congruent intersecting lines

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Are supplementary angles and a linear pair always the same?

Yes, they are always the same. The supplementary angle and linear pair equal 180° and they both share common sides.