By: Olivia

Fun facts

1. Cheetahs actually have black stripes

2. Use tails to defend themselves

3. Cheetahs cannot roar

4. Cheetahs cannot see very well at night

More facts

1. Cheetahs live in grassy areas

2. Cheetahs live up to 10-15 years

3. Cheetahs are 7 ft long

4. Cheetahs can run up to 40-150 miles per hour

5. Cheetahs are endangered antelopes

6. Cheetahs group is called a gonelle

7. Cheetahs have 3-5 Cubs

8. Cheetahs have yellow or tan fur

Some pictures of Cheetahs


Frequently asked questions

1. What do cheetahs eat?

2. Why are cheetahs fast?

3. How are cheetahs fast?