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Principal's Message

This month we are introducing two new events here at Elmdale School. Both events have been purposefully planned and created by staff to continue to provide opportunity for our students.

From May 7th-11th, our School Counsellor has planned a Wellness week. Each day during this week, students will be introduced to activities and conversation about wellness. Please see the link below that will take you to our school counsellor's blog for more information.

The second event that we have planned for this month comes from our Music teacher. This year students are excited to present a Spring Sing. This event will showcase the Grade 1-4 choirs. We are hosting this event to celebrate the month of May as Music month and to also give our students opportunity to perform for their family and friends. Please see the write up below for more information.

Have a great month of May.

Mr. Colin Campbell (B.A., B.Ed, M.Ed)

Principal: Elmdale School

Email: ccampbell@hsd.ca

Twitter: @elmdalehsd


Loose Parts Play Area

NEW to Elmdale Schoool is our Loose Parts play area. Partnering with our Parent Council, we have recently opened a fun, hands-on, and creative play area. Loose parts are a mixture of all different materials that are safe for children to get their hands on and simply play. Thus far this play area has been a hit! Students that are not interested in playing team sports such as soccer and basketball, have another area on the playground to play. For students who are less social, this provides a safe place to start playing individually and will potentially turn into a social activity. So far students love going camping with the tarps, building houses with the wood blocks, and cooking up some pebble pie. Below are a couple pictures of the area.

We want to thank our awesome Parent Council for funding the cost for the Loose Parts shed and all the loose parts.

Wellness Week at Elmdale School

Mental Health Week is an annual event that takes place across Canada to encourage people to learn, talk, reflect, and engage with others on all issues relating to mental health. This year it falls on the week of May 6-12. When speaking of mental health we are talking about one's overall feeling of well-being - emotionally, intellectually and socially. It is our ability to handle life's stresses and ups and downs, solve problems effectively, ability to maintain good relationships, our outlook and sense of hope and positivity... Read More


NEW this spring, Elmdale will be hosting an outdoor spring sing May 17 at 1:15 pm. The performance will take place outside in front of our school. Please note for this small performance we won't be formally setting up chairs, parents are encouraged to bring their lawn chairs and blankets. The performance will be approx 30-45 minutes in length featuring a variety of songs that our Grade 1-4 choirs have been working on in class in celebration of May being Music Month in Manitoba.


On the afternoon of May 24th, Grade 1-4 students will participate in Run...Jump...Throw day at Elmdale School. Students will have an opportunity to participate in a variety of activities focusing on the skills of running, jumping and throwing. Parents are welcome to come and watch.

PrinciPal Winners

Leah 1E; Mary 1J; Roi 1M; Acacia 2F; Karly 2R; Raiya 2T; Abby 3M; Daniel 3/4B; Brianna 3/4G; Hayden 3/4T; Natalie 4D; Andy 1E; Yonas 1J; Malachi 1M; Jonathon 2F; Haycee 2R; Emily 2T; Kylan 3M; Marcus 3/4B; Nathan 3/4G; Nguyen 3/4T; Jonah 4D; Kelvin 1E; Shea 1J; Madison 1M; Gavin 2F; Janelle 2R; Steven 2T; Cole 3M; Ivan 3/4B; Rylie 3/4G; Taylor 3/4T; Aiden 4D.

Class Placement

Parent requests for their child's class placement must be supported with an educationally sound reason. These requests will be accepted up until May 15, 2018. All requests must be made in writing (email) to the Principal.

WANTED: Book club volunteers

Elmdale Parents, Guardians and Grandparents, Aunts and Uncles!

The Elmdale Reading Club needs volunteers! Reading Club is for Elmdale students who need some extra practise reading. As a volunteer, your job will be to listen to the students read and give them some positive feedback about how they did. This happens Monday to Friday, from 1:00-1:45. You can volunteer once a week, once every two weeks, or once a month, whatever suits your schedule. We are in need of volunteers Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

Elmdale Parent Council (PAC)

Next meeting is May 10 at 7 pm in the school Library.

Family Parking

Located in our main parking lot on the North side of our school, we have our Family Parking lot. This is where all families park to pick up and drop off children. Parents must walk their child from their vehicle to the school playground. Please be aware that at these pick up and drop off times, we have school buses that enter and exit the school parking lot.

May Health Info- ReThink Your Drink

Milk, whether from a cow or a plant-based source, can be a part of a healthy diet. Choosing the best option, especially for children, can be confusing. Other than fortified soy milk, plant-based milks have very little protein, fat, and calories. Drinking too much of any type of beverage can fill children up and cause them to eat less whole foods at meals. The following is a break down of how some milks compare nutritionally. Read More....

"Soup's On" School Lunches

"Soup's On" provides daily school lunches to families in need. It can be started and stopped as needed. Contact our Resource Teacher Ms. Marge Thiessen (mthiessen@hsd.ca) or your child's teacher via agenda book to register your child.

Football Registration

Steinbach Raiders football registration information...

Click Here

Full STEAM Ahead

The University of Manitoba and the University of Winnipeg offering STEAM workshops. Click Here

Bus Times, Routes & Address Changes

Please check our website for the bus pick up times and location near your house.
If your address has changed, please call transportation at 204-320-2347 to make sure that your children are riding the correct bus to and from school.