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Votes at 16?

At 16 you can pay tax, get married, buy petrol, work, get an education and generally live a fairly adult life.  So should you be able to take part in the decision making that affects that life? What do you think?

What can 16 year olds legally do already?

Votes At 16

What difference can YOU make?

Young Mayor of Ealing Yasmin Rufo, 16 years of age, said: “We know that young people this age are engaging with politics and within their communities through youth organisations like the UK Youth Parliament, the British Youth Council and Student Voice, and that they really want a say on issues that are affecting them, so we should have votes at 16 to allow them to have a true say in society.”
BBC Look North: Yorkshire and Lincolnshire - Votes at 16 (Version 3)

Why now?

Chair of the British Youth Council Marc Kidson said: “Following the momentous decision to allow 16 and 17 year olds to vote in the Scottish independence referendum and the positive vote by MPs in January, there is clearly a growing momentum towards recognising 16 as a new age for democracy. There is a great opportunity for Government and Political Parties to positively react to young people’s interest. So we call on them to involve and engage more young people in the issues that affect them and respond to their interests when campaigning in elections. Apathy is not inevitable. Use us or lose us.”

What can you do to prepare?

Get involved in democracy at college ** Get involved in the Student Union ** Join the "Votes at 16" campaign and make your voice heard.

Watch the debate that took place in Parliament

January 2014.  (About 30 mins in length).  Click the box below to access Parliament TV.  (Note when they are referring to "the franchise" this means "the right to vote").  Some of the key points made were that young people today are the most educated generation to date (clearly they have been to our college!) and also that today young people were the most informed to date (thanks to social media like facebook and youtube!)

New Student Union President

The current Student Union President, Idrissa Barrie would like to make sure there is a new "president in waiting" to give you a headstart on next year.  This woud mean an early election for the president, who would then shadow Idrissa for the rest of the year and learn the ropes.  Go along to reception this week and talk to Idrissa about his proposals.  He is really keen to hear your views.

Ofsted - and how they help us to improve

What does it mean to us?

Ofsted will be visiting college before the end of the year, to measure how well we have progressed as a college and to help us to identify anything else we can improve to ensure we support you to get the best possible start to your working life during your time with us. 

When Ofsted come to college.....

Idrissa Barrie, Student Union President says

"It is really important that our students are involved in what is happening in college.  At the moment we are backing the "Votes at 16" campaign, asking for your approval for early election of a new President, and also thinking about any ways in which college can be improved  meet your needs even more.  Please come along and talk to me this week in reception, or ask me questions when I attend your tutorial, and let me know what your views are.  You can also let any staff member know of improvements you would like to see, or even attend the meeting held by the Principal of the college to tell him in person what you would like the college to consider."
Votes at 16

The Core

English, maths and more is available at the Core (based in the LRC).  Get help and advice on punctuation, proof reading, essay structure, work planning and much more.

College Youth Work and Welfare Team

We know that sometimes things can be tough.  If you need to talk about worries at home, work or with your studies, the youth work team are here to help. Or text Safe to 81025 for a text response (not live chat).

Other information

Your College ID

We ask all of our students to wear their ID in college at all times.  This is to ensure our college stays a safe place, and that we can identify anyone who should not be in student only areas.  If you have any concerns about wearing your ID, please speak to your tutor.  Staff will ask to see your ID if you aren’t wearing it visibly.   If you want more information on staying safe in college, text Safe to 81025. 

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