doTERRA Convention Recap


Ross and I spent 5 days in Salt Lake City, UT with 27,000 other Wellness Advocates. It was a rich time of learning from doTERRA's leadership, scientists, and my own team. I came back refreshed in my knowledge and understanding in how these oils work as well as an eagerness to continue sharing the oils with others.

I am excited to share glimpses of what I learned as well as let you smell and experience the new oils and products over some dessert, coffee + wine. I hope you can come!

Note: The new oils and products will be available for you to order Oct. 1. If your LRP is set for a date in October before this event, make sure you change the processing date so you can add anything new you learn about at this event!

Topics include:

  • New oils!
  • New products!
  • Co-impact Sourcing
  • New resources for Wellness Advocates
  • Save the Date for other events

Convention Alive Recap

Friday, Oct. 9th, 7:30pm

3118 Pierce Street Northeast

Minneapolis, MN

Come over to check out all the new products and hear the hightlights of the presentations given at the doTERRA National Convention. There will be a raffle for some of the new products from Convention too!

RSVPs are enabled for this event.

We are the Chaseys

We have been using doTERRA essential oils and products since July 2013. They have changed the way we take care of our health and manage our wellness. We can't imagine life without doTERRA and I am passionate about helping others experience the benefits of these "gifts of the earth" in their own homes and families.